How to get rid of procrastination for good?

If you are like me, I guess you have tried everything to kill the monster that lives inside of you. Yeah, it is really an annoying creature that takes control of your whole body. It declares itself the king of your mind and actions. If you don’t fight it soon, it could be the end of your successful career or what stops your dreams from becoming a reality. This creepy monster, that comes disguised as a fun partner, has a name: Procrastination; and believe me, you don’t want it around.

In this article I will discuss some easy steps that will help you get rid of this disgusting parasite.

1. Define what it wants to take from you

Every great villain comes with an intriguing motivation. The main objective of the procrastination is to stop you from reaching any goal you set for your life. Your goal can be anything, from getting a better job to finishing a career, being fit, learning a new skill, anything. If you want to stop procrastinating you have to define what is that thing that this ugly creature is trying to take away from you.

2. Make a plan to kill it

Once you have clear your mind and you know exactly what you want, the next step is to establish a plan. Everything is much simple if you have a guideline to follow. If you go shopping some groceries and have a list of what you should buy beforehand, you will finish the task in no time. In the other hand, if you go shopping with an empty head you will waste a lot of time figuring out what you should buy, and even worse, you will buy things that you don’t even need. So, an important task to kill procrastination is to have a basic guideline of where you are headed.

3. Take away its wicked weapons

Think in distractions as the weapons of procrastination, what it will use to destroy you. The more distractions you have around you, the more likely that you will procrastinate at some point. You should set a working environment free of any kind of distractions. It could be an office, a desk in your living room or bedroom, a coffeeshop; whatever your choice is, make sure it is perfect for you to concentrate.

There is a famous rule that states that you will be more likely to interact with things that are 20 seconds from you. So, if in your working environment you have easy access to TV, social media packed smartphones, or a seductive bed, there is a really high chance that you will end up interacting with it before finishing your daily goal.

4. Reclaim your territory!

Think in procrastination as dust over your desk. If you do not clean it regularly, the dust will take domain of it. Is for that reason that you should be really consistent when reaching for your goal. The moment you stop, the moment procrastination will reclaim its territory. A good idea is to have a calendar to track your progress and to remind you everyday what you are trying to accomplish. Try to keep your motivation high watching motivational speeches, looking up to people who have accomplished what you want to do, and meditating about your main reasons. Because, guess what… A good hero also needs a solid motivation to be the best.