Today is my 24th birthday and my startup launch

When I was about 16, I declared “I won’t be an entrepreneur” 
I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, even running away to paradise, and giving away the most beautiful one of a kind dogs, and life people dream about could not change who I am — an entrepreneur.

Today I celebrate my 24th birthday and my second startup launch.

29% of the world population will choose my next years fate.

We love social networks, we love connecting and sharing online. As much as we love it most people now feel social networks fatigue.

A serious lack of privacy. A lack of relevent content. Our personal information being used and sold to the highest bidder. Some people feel like they can’t share content as freely as you’d like.

To all this problems Topishare gives a solution, but not only for now but for the future. Take the tour and join other Topisharers and start Topisharing with us.

Good luck to all startups that launched today (:

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