Nigerian senate fails to pass women’s rights bill
Ozzy Etomi

Hello Ozzy, this is really powerful writing.

II should say I sort of agree with your post. I am one of those few men who would PREFER not to marry a machine….or a “Stepford Wife”.

But I am in a minority. And perhaps even a dwindling one.

The best way I can illustrate this is to share with you an event:

I was arguing with my friend, and his girlfriend was present (she was a lawyer). 
The argument was sparked off by some AKON child rape story or something, and my friend was insisting that rape is justified when the girl/victim “dresses like a harlot”.

I told him he was a lunatic, and should be arrested.

So anyway, I thought his lawyer babe would support my stance, but to my greatest surprise, at a point where I argued that I myself had very often come across many scandalously dressed voluptuous girls, without feeling some “overpowering urge” to force any of them into instant sex in the middle of the gaddem street!

My friend’s lawyer girl friend almost by reflex action, blurted out that that was because I was

“Not man enough to try it!”

You won’t understand this, but I have seen many many women make remarks similar to this one very often, and such things add up to how many men may choose to assess what women TRULY want.

I have personally tried to ignore some of the stupid remarks (plus body language) of several women (these kinds of negative communications even started with girls back when I was in Secondary School). 
But I am just one man.

And I know I have a very very unique perspective to life.

I dare say that most of the others will find it difficult not to bend to the pressures of society (from both men AND WOMEN)

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