When Will the Anti-Trump Left Turn to Terrorism?

A strange sounding question, but we’ve seen it before. The violence circa 1968 might come to mind.

With the election of Donald J Trump the progressive tide of history that conservatives and libertarians fought for decades has been halted. Political correctness will probably soon no longer terrorize our college campuses and pervade our elite media discourse.

Even at this early phase of the Trump era we can see establishment media turning reflective and pensive. How did we get it (the election) so wrong? Why did we so long ignore flyover country? Perhaps we should have listened more to those “deplorable” folks between the coasts.

How will the progressive street respond? Will progressives abandon their fragile world of victims beset by micro aggressions and other bugaboos? How will they cope if anti-progressive ridicule becomes mainstream in the era of Trump?

The progressive movement, whatever its early historical virtues, has evolved into an anti-Western, anti-capitalist movement whose goal is to deconstruct society into warring victim groups. The only people who can thrive in such a warring society are the progressive intelligentsia in their role of referee.

In the era of Trump, the progressive intelligentsia has begun to emit a noticeable odor of staleness. They have passed their sell by date. Normal people have lost patience and the triumph of Trump is the proof.

Now old scores will be settled. The culture wars that the left thought were won are now to begin again. The tables are turned and the backlash against the progressive agenda will sweep away the causes célèbres of progressivism — climate change, toxic masculinity, micro-aggressions, feminism, racism, victimhood, and inequality — all will be swept away in a rising tide of ridicule.

How will progressives respond?

Professional intellectuals and pundits will shift their narrative as the political spectrum shifts to the right, but others who are sincerely and tightly wedded to their fragile victimhood will lash out. Those who deeply believe in their own victimhood will find relinquishing it psychologically impossible. For these people victimhood is the core of their being. This inner logic of post-modern leftism will drive these people to terrorism as their ideological safe spaces shrink.

And shrink they will.