Ranking the 2016 MNF Lineup

Week 14: Ravens at Patriots

Will this year’s lone “two actual compelling teams” matchup already look awful by Week 5 or Week 6?

Week 1: Steelers at Redskins

60 minutes of Gruden Dean Screaming about Kirk Cousins.

Week 10: Bengals at Giants

Game opens with “Are the Giants for real?” graphic, ends with “Painful Monday Night Memories” montage of memorable MNF Eli Manning sacks.

Week 6: Jets at Cardinals

“There’s no way to sugarcoat it, Jon, this Jets team is in crisis.”

Week 15: Panthers at Redskins

Will the Redskins’ heart still be beating when the Panthers remove it?

Week 7: Texans at Broncos

The Brock Bowl will have a Mark Sanchez appearance, but the question is if it will come for the Texans after he’s claimed off waivers.

Week 9: Bills at Seahawks

Winning on the road in Seattle would be by far the most impressive Super Bowl victory of Rex Ryan’s career.

Week 3: Falcons at Saints

Question is if they can get the game finished before America is sucked into the swirling vortex left in the wake of the first Trump/Hillary debate.

Week 13: Colts at Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick throws three first-half interceptions after reclaiming the starting job.

Week 16: Lions at Cowboys

“Collarbones aren’t supposed to do that, Jaws.” “For the last time Jon, I’m Sean, not Mike or Jaws.” *Cowboys loss sets up Week 17 play-in game for NFC East*

Week 4: Giants at Vikings

“Maybe Tom Coughlin wasn’t the reason for all these injuries, after all. I can’t explain it Mike.”

Week 11: Texans at Raiders (Mexico)

J.J. Watt creates an international incident when his charming, “aww shucks I can speak Spanish” sideline interview translates differently than expected.

Week 5: Bucs at Panthers


Week 8: Vikings at Bears

“Jon, this is the fifth of five-straight primetime games for the Bears, who have been outscored 172–0 in the previous four.”

Week 12: Packers at Eagles

James Starks scores three touchdowns as Sam Bradford, who isn’t even mad, tries to act like he cares about Carson Wentz, who is 5–1 as a starter.

Week 2: Eagles at Bears

“I’ll tell you what Jaws, I talked to John Fox before the game and he’s pumped up about this team. He’s chewing a different kind of gum this year.”

Week 1: Rams at 49ers

Second annual “The 49ers Will Pay You To Randomly Lose a 10ET Game” Bowl.

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