I’ll Never Forget

So you’re gone now,
But I’ll never forget that day
Amongst the rainbow trees
Where we were peasants among gods.

I’ll never forget their glow, and yours,
As you came with me into the beyond.

I’ll never forget how time stopped
And I hoped it would never again start,
But knew it must,
As we were thrust into the unknown,
Together, but alone.

I’ll never forget how nothing made sense,
Yet everything did.
How we hid, often in vain,
From passers by without our reconfigured brains,
Without our sense of awe at the infinite beauty surrounds.

I’ll never forget that we died and,
As the sun set through the trees,
Were reborn together,
With apprehension, but with love.
And above, as the clouds fluctuated in chromatic wonder,
We considered the meaning of it all.

I’ll never forget where we sat,
And talked,
And laughed,
And became friends.
And saw out to the ends of everything,
And to the beginning of a new understanding.

I’ll never forget the beauty
Which radiated from you,
And returned to me my hope,
Lost for so long.
How, in your presence there,
Everything was OK,
And nothing was wrong.

I’ll never forget that day without worry,
Without emptiness,
Without the flurry of emotions which had so often greeted me,
Painfully and greedily.
Without the usual everyday fight.

And I’ll never forget
That for one beautiful, infinite moment,
Among those trees,
As the Sun slowly set,
It felt, purely and deeply,
That everything was going to be All Right.

To all who read this, peace and infinite love 
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