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“Contrasts of Environment sweep the Country with an ancient caress that delivers the emotional ties to Land, Country, Culture, Values, Establishment, that foreigners cannot & will not possibly have a hope in understanding. — This is our Home, this is our Country, “We” shall determine our Future.

Emotional attachment OR pragmatic position, the declaration is obvious but there are other positions at play where the issue of Citizenship is being manipulated to suit alternative perspectives. This is the determinant aspect where the idea of Nation State resides.

#QUESTION = Is Nation State the “Corner Stone” of Prosperity based on the Established Australian Culture OR the Targeted Elimination structure for a Prelude to Global “Oneness” under the Foreign banner of the United Nations “Inclusive” Brigade ??

A fair concern, However, the Issue does NOT just stop there. One must wonder WHY people immigrate to Australia. The obvious answer is for a better life which makes them “Economic” Immigrants. Then there are Refugees / Asylum Seekers who come to escape their War torn Countries. Humanity says — Why Not — especially given the acute dangers BUT should they only be temporary because of the massive cost to Australian Tax Payers & Australian Culture. The argument of “Immigration enriches Australian Culture” is a distorted Fallacy because Australian “Needs & Values” shift towards the New inhabitants. There is NO argument to this point because History has proven that mass influx distorts the original. Further, do these new arrivals embrace Australian Culture OR do they “Transplant” their own culture into ever expanding enclaves of mono culture zones without becoming Australian Citizens ?? One must ask -; “WHY did they come here in the First Place” ?? Many would say -; “To take advantage of FREE Money / Healthcare / etc” while STILL remaining a Citizen of their original Country.

“The issue of Citizenship has many faces. Politicians have recently experienced another joust in this arena where the Constitution at S-44 has once again come under fire. The parameters will be constantly challenged. Fair enough you say BUT the premise has a wider audience. Linked to this issue is the Defence Force Personnel.

“CITIZENSHIP = In general terms, you must be an Australian citizen to serve in the Navy, Army or Air Force, but there are some exceptions — See =

Making a Statement that is by any definition as = thoughtless stupidity as = “The Australian Defence Force aims to build a military that “reflects the Australian community” — This by any measure only reflects the ambition of constructing a “Social Club” that happens to be armed. The sad reality is -; this thought process is not isolated.

Consider -; “ the Armed Services in a democratic country ultimately draw both their legitimacy and their strength from society, they have a particular interest in contributing to keeping that society healthy. But the issue goes further than that. On the one hand the Armed Forces must reflect society, they must take account of the changes in society and they must adapt their procedures, training and education processes so that they can produce the soldiers and officers they need from the human material available” — See =

Can that Statement REALLY be taken at face Value ?? Unfortunately YES because it originates from official documents. So = who do the Armed Forces actually protect = Australia OR parts of the 200 + Nationalities that inhabit the country ?? How safe do you feel now ??

“The need to be a Born & Bred Australian appears to no longer be the criteria of “Standards” to enter the Armed Forces. Indeed, “Permanent Residents” may also be included. The age bracket is now 17, although one can apply at just 16 years old. Hair length for Males cannot be long UNLESS it is a “Cultural OR Religious” issue PLUS you can “Colour” your hair. The DefenceJob gov site also states -; “exemptions may be approved to wear non-standard ADF uniform items (such as a hijab), where there is a genuine religious requirement”. This brings up the position of dual citizenship for the Armed Forces. The Issue of Dual Citizenship appears to also include Military personnel as does the US & Israel. However, given the several shootings that have occurred at both Domestic & Foreign levels, one must seriously consider if such a position is safe for all concerned

Recent communication states that there is NO definitive answer to the point of Dual Citizenship in Australian Armed Forces unless it is reflected in Recruitment. Such position for the Public view will only produce suspicion of accountability & raise the Issue of Concern regarding so called applied “Standards” of acceptance.

However, what is Truly Staggering is what has been “OMITTED” from the defence site. The Following is a (Copy — Paste) from a cached file. It has been condensed for space purposes BUT the Wording is an EXACT Copy.

Our Purpose & Work = The Australian Army is one of the world’s leading military forces. Learn about our key defensive role, the operations we support overseas, our contribution to disaster relief, and our vision for the future. Protecting the interests of Australia and our people. In cooperation with the Navy and Air Force, the Army is tasked with the defence of our nation, our people, our values and our way of life. We provide a formidable defensive capability built upon courage, initiative, respect and teamwork; combined with the use of cutting-edge weapons, vehicles and military technology” See =

A reasonable person would consider such a position as de-rigueur BUT match it against this -; This is the New Site = = So much for stating -; “Navy and Air Force, the Army is tasked with Protecting the interests of Australia and our people PLUS the defence of our nation, our people, our values and our way of life.” — Perhaps those points no longer matter.

#QUESTION = Are Australians, the Values, Way of Life, no longer applicable to the Country OR is this the First step towards Global Integration” ??

Further to the above points -; “Adapting to complex strategic environments. — The defence landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate, with potential threats coming from areas barely envisaged a decade ago. As a modern and forward-thinking organisation the Army is constantly evolving to meet these complex challenges; and to maintain our ability to deploy effectively when required to. We invest in the latest military technology, and provide world-class training to ensure all personnel are equipped with the skills to adapt to future strategic needs” — Some good points BUT consider = Why is this NOT in the New Site for Armed Forces intake” ??

“ Prior to 4 April 2002, Australian citizens who became citizens of another country lost their Australian citizenship automatically. That position changed and further information can be found here. “Explanation of = Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Act 2002 = Date Introduced: 13 February 2002 House: House of Representatives Portfolio: Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Commencement: Schedule 1 commences on Royal Assent, Schedule 2 on Proclamation or six months after Royal Assent. Purpose The Bill proposes to: • repeal section 17 of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 with the effect that adult Australian citizens do NOT lose their Australian citizenship on acquisition of another citizenship. Background = This Bill was originally introduced into the Parliament in September 2001. The Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Bill 2001 was NOT debated or referred to a committee. That Bill lapsed with the dissolution of Parliament for the November 2001 federal election. This situation is inequitable in the sense that it attempts to restrict dual citizenship for one sector of the population, yet for another sector of the population — approximately one quarter — dual citizenship is already a fait accompli”.=

Based on the above changes, there will emerge another discrepancy in this saga, that of -; the difference between Citizens & Politicians. If one can have dual citizenship BUT another cannot then the position of “Equality” will demand Remedy across the board. That in itself is not the Issue. What is of concern is the downstream effect across other Societal positions. This issue is fragmenting from one Polar position to the opposite. What is needed is a “Standard” of Operation BUT will it be based on Australian Values OR Globalist mantras. ??

= — — — — — — -PLUS further infornation is here =;query=Id%3A%22legislation%2Fbillhome%2Fr2473%22

“And what of the Future ?? If the idea of Nation State is so repugnant to current mind sets that a “Global Human from Planet Earth” is the core direction with Robots & AI as the 2nd & 3rd tier to Earth inhabitants, then one must wonder what the Result will be in 50 to 100 Years.

#QUESTION = Will those people of Industry Need be the base line of humanity while those who provide nothing to society in general OR are dependent on the Global Establishment, are to be left to the wastelands of humanity where they must fend for themselves outside of the “Smart Cities” of Tomorrow ??

Shades of Futuristic Movie Entertainment of Today, where the ideas of films like Mad Max, Terminator & Logans Run are to form the New Reality of Tomorrow.

To go from “Single Australian Citizen” to the acceptance of “Dual Citizen” requires a quantum shift in both philosophy & Societal Dynamic BUT what should the General Public construe from such position. There are some people who take umbrage at Laws for Citizenship. Australians view dimly those who consider their allegiance to their Country of origin should be allowed to flourish in Australia but can the same be accepted readily in other Countries ?? By way of example -; Consider = Muslims In Australia ‘Traumatised’ Over Government Plans Of Stripping Dual Citizenship =

#QUESTION = Should there be different Rules of Citizenship for Politicians, Armed Forces & the Public OR should they all be the same ??

“#QUESTION = What is the Real reason to eliminate Australian Citizenship & replace it with acceptance of Dual Citizenship ??

#QUESTION = Does the proffered excuse of “Inclusion” justify the splintering of what Australian means at both Historical & Cultural levels ??

#QUESTION = Will the notion of Multiple Citizenship be the final nail in the coffin to eliminate Australians & Nation State in preference to the Socialist idea of “Inclusive Tolerant Acceptance” that leads to Australians being a Minority within their own Country ??

#QUESTION = “What of the Future — if Identity & Cultural Standards are eliminated because those who seek to abandon Allegiance are granted the dispensation to do so by “Foreign Entities” for THEIR benefit at the Cost of the host Country & Citizenry” ??

#QUESTION = Does the acceptance of Apathy, Laziness, gullibility, Welfare Mentality and Distorted Media lead to Weak Politicians whose actions have PROVEN to set the path towards the destruction of Australian society & the “Earned” significance of what it means to be called an AUSTRALIAN ?? = “Will YOU allow this to Continue” ??


I am -; Alyn Roule

discussing -; “Acceptance of Identity — OR — Adherence to Socialism” ??

and this is the -; Roule Report