He said, You said, We said, They said, — — The cacophony of sound bytes illuminating the white space of discordant media. This is truly assaulting the human plain at space, imagery, sound & emotional levels of traumatic syndromes of empathy. Never before has the fight for attention & acceptance been so pervasive as today’s environment around the Climate Change issue.

QUESTION = Is Human Induced Climate Change Real — Fact OR Fiction ??

“That really is the ONLY element of attention needed. Deliberation over the many so called “Examples” of what is supposedly the anointed “Real Science” should be mandatory BUT what information should people really attune their sense of Truth to ?? Scientists say this, Environmentalists say that, Globalists say something different & the United Nations offers a slightly different perspective. Who to believe. ?? What to believe ?? Why to believe ??

The First consideration is = Who benefits from the offered information ?? Attaining a benefit can limit the acceptance & thus produce a reasonable thought of doubt.

“The Second consideration is = Where does this information come from ?? Supplying a perception of issue must be based upon a benefit BUT the proposed Target Market must be able to believe the deliverer.

“The Third consideration is = What is the capacity of involvement ?? Substantial necessity is usually a significant driver. Any economic Return by Target Market acceptance is a definitive aspect of self interest & as such, can only be considered as miniscule benefit to the public at large.

#QUESTION = Why should one accept the deliverance of Issue ??

This is an emotive subject area but one that will denote the future direction of both viewer & participant at either “Benefit” OR “Detrimental” aspect.

BUT what is in a Name ?? A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet although many would say that point is no longer relevant, especially when there is -; Weather Cycling, Acclimatization, Anti Greenhouse Effect, Arctic Oscillation, Global Warming, Global Cooling, Sustainable Environment, Climate Change, Clathrate gun hypothesis, Anthropogenic Change, & ofcourse that latest is -; “Science”,

Consider -;

#CLIMATE = Have the Forces of Globalization provided a Deliberate Distortion on conceived Alarmism ??

1 = …

The above is dated from 2007 yet was largely ignored by the proponents of Climate Change. I wonder Why = Did it NOT fit the proffered rhetoric ??

#EMISIONS of CO2 = What capacity of both Use & Thought has determined that such an issue is the “Cause” ?? = (See Climate Change (1) ) + this -;

2 =

There is reason to believe Earth is not the only planet in the solar system undergoing climate change, meaning CO2 emissions are NOT the primary force responsible for the rise in global temperatures.

“#How Does the Sun Affect Our Climate ?? The sun is the source of most of the energy that drives the biological and physical processes in the world around us — in oceans and on land it fuels plant growth that forms the base of the food chain, and in the atmosphere it warms air which drives our weather”

3 =


4 =

“The Third consideration is one of “Capacity” of involvement. From a Public perspective, this generally equates to -; “Who gets Paid for the Issue” ?? = Remember, if you are paying for something then it is for someone else’s benefit & NOT for your benefit which raises this -;

#QUESTION = What are you paying for & How much does it cost PLUS When will you receive the Benefit of such Cost ??

Consider -;

“Obama sends $500m to UN climate fund =

“Climate change: Julie Bishop announces Australia’s $200 million contribution to UN Green Climate Fund =

The $100 Billion Per YEAR Key to a Global Deal at UN Climate Change Talks =

“COP21: Prime Minister Turnbull pledges $1 billion to battle climate change =

“Conceptual desire of Issue remedy for benefit of human habitat is a noble quest but when tinged with dubious ethical appeal that reflects a personal gain without care for that habitat, then one must be cautious of such remedy proffered by those who seek reward.

The only conclusion left to accept is -;

“When in Doubt about an Issue = DON’T accept a COST based Solution” that ultimately says -; “You Must Pay Me NOW” to get a remedy in 100 years or more which leads you to ask -;

#QUESTION = Is the SCARE Tactic about CLIMATE -; “Fact OR Fiction” ??

#YOU Decide

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and this is -; The Roule Report.