The Great Southern Land Down Under is seeing the emergence of a Truly unique concept, one that is sure to not only rock the so called realm of the “Corrupt Establishment” but to also send shockwaves thru various Organizations, Groups & possibly Industry across the Country.

#QUESTION -; “What is it & Why should the Public care” ??

Today has seen the launch of the “Reformation Statement” that is titled -; “The BALLARAT Address”, signed by Akarnious.

What is “Akarnious” you say ?? It is an acronym whose structure means -; “Australians Keeping All Remedy Needs Inside Our Unique Sovereignty”

Whether by Individual, Group, Endeavour, Association or Country, the Structured coherence conforms to a set of Australian Values & Ideals that reach far beyond the realm of Mateship & egalitarian principal. It is the embodyment of Courage, sacrifice, engagement & societal exclamation across every aspect of human endeavour to deliver the consequence of both need & requirement for the benefit of others.

The concept declares emphatically that the Public will no longer cop the Political apparatus displaying its disdain of Public concerns by declaring Enough is ENOUGH.

Responding to the perceived inept Political Realm that demonstrates almost daily a world of distortion, lies & sometime corrupt actions that fail to meet the Pub Test at any level, one must wonder what else is on the horizon for Akarnious.

Quite clearly the general public have found a way to declare their unhappiness to the political class. One must wonder if Politicians will heed the call for Reform or vanish from relevance & reality of history like the dodo. In any event the thought of the day is -;

#QUESTION = Are the days of Political distortion numbered. ??

If they are, as seems likely, has a Real Reformation actually begun, where finally the peoples voice shall be heard, Politicians actually become Representatives of the People and Real Reform is instigated across the country for all Australians, by Australians for the benefit of Australians under the name & banner of Akarnious ??

Whatever the future brings — as usual —


I am Alyn Roule discussing -;

Continued Political Doctrine OR Reformation Reform by Akarnious ??

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