OpEd = “ENERGY” -; REALLY ??


“Modern civilization depends upon Energy at every level. where the security of such “Public” owned assets is paramount. A basic Statement one would think BUT in todays world of “EMPIRE” at both NGO & Corporate, the operation of Real TRUTH is very far from REALITY.

#QUESTION = To Be OR Not To Be ??

The People own the Energy structure in Australia as an Operated Public Asset — OR do they ??

Consider -;

@TurnbullMalcolm is calling his expansion of the Snowy Mountains hydro scheme a game changer. #auspol #7News
Malcolm Turnbull ‘happy’ to fund Snowy Mountains hydro expansion without state help
The Federal Government could fund the $2 billion expansion of the Snowy Mountains hydro scheme alone if the New South Wales and Victorian state governments did not want to invest
Key points:
Plan involves doubling the size of the scheme, building 27km of tunnel and new power stations
The scheme is #co-owned by the NSW, Victorian and Federal governments
Feasibility work is due to be completed by end of 2017, allowing work to begin in 2018

BUT -; THIS = 
“Singapore snaps up iconic Snowy hydro
Control of one of Australia’s most iconic companies, Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation, is to go offshore, to an arm of the Singapore government, in a $400 million deal which ends the prospect of a sharemarket float that has emerged regularly over the years.
The deal may make millionaires out of a number of its employees since as many as one in 10 holding shares in the company, which was sold by the federal government to employees in 1993”
“Mr Wong said his company has no plans to go public, with the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation acquisition to be funded internally” 
See = smh.com.au/busi..731-gqhv14.html

Well == Thats very Interesting 
#QUESTION = So who Really #OWNS the Snowy ??

However, — That set aside for a moment, the Bigger #QUESTION is -; 
Is Govt REALLY looking after the peoples Interest ??

Consider -;

“SA heatwave forces blackouts to cope with electricity demand, angering Government
See = abc.net.au/news..ernment/8252512

“Understanding electricity power outages
The electricity distribution network that carries electricity to around 850,000 customers is operated and maintained by SA Power Networks (SAPN), which is a privately owned company.
If there is a blackout/power failure, SAPN is usually responsible for responding to the issue and restoring the electricity supply.
Find out more about:
SA’s electricity supply and market — Department of State Development
Understanding the electricity industry in SA infographic — SA Power Networks
See = sa.gov.au/topic..y-power-outages

“Power crisis: SA Govt veers from pride to hate for national market
The State Government has veered wildly from boasting that the national energy market has been designed and built by South Australian expertise, to declaring it has no confidence in its operation
See = indaily.com.au/..national-market

“Rolling blackouts ordered as Adelaide swelters in heatwave
“SA POWER Networks was #ordered on Wednesday night to restore electricity to about 40,000 households and businesses after supplies were #deliberately cut amid soaring temperatures.
Power to customers across the state was switched off from 6.33pm under “rotational load shedding’’ orders from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) “due to lack of available generation supply in SA”, SA Power Networks said.
About 45 minutes later electricity was restored after SA Power Networks announced that AEMO had ordered it to return supply.
“AEMO has called an end to load shedding, we are restoring power,’’ the supplier said.
As customers reacted with outrage, the blame game immediately began.
State Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said: “Every South Australian has a right to be angry. We had spare capacity in the SA generation market and the market didn’t turn that generation on
See = news.com.au/nat..9f4036fccdc1ba7

“SA Power Networks initiates major action on #pay equality
SA Power Networks has confirmed its leadership as an employer of choice, announcing changes to maternity and parental leave arrangements to ensure women in particular are not financially disadvantaged during their careers. It’s also announced action to support employees who are victims of domestic violence. Click here for more details.
See = sapowernetworks..entric/home.jsp

BUT — Are You REALLY being Told the #TRUTH OR #LIES ??

“The Energy #WhitePaper — at a glance
The Australian Government has delivered on its election commitment for a consistent and integrated Energy White Paper to give industry and consumers certainty and confidence in energy policy.
The White Paper has now been released, and sets out an energy policy framework for delivering competitively priced and reliable energy supply to households, business and international markets through:
1 = increasing competition to keep prices #down
2 = increasing energy productivity to promote #growth and
3 = investing in Australia’s energy #future.
4 = “Providing COST Effective Energy to Households & Businesses. 
An overview of the Australian Government’s vision for the energy sector, including the Government’s key priorities is available below
See = ewp.industry.gov.au

#QUESTION = How can the FOUR Points in the #WhitePaper actually be True ??

The REALITY is -
1 = Prices have gone up DRAMATICALLY
2 = Energy Productivity has #DECREASED
3 = The #REDUCTION of Power Plants PLUS Availability #CAUSED the Problems in the First Place. 
4 = Cost Effectiveness for Households & Businesses has become a COST that many cannot Afford because of Corporate INCREASES

On Top of this = The PM announces a New Scheme to something that the Govt does NOT own & yet he says that we do 
#QUESTION = Another #LIE ??

Perhaps this sums it all up very neatly 
See = youtu.be/ELaBzj7cn14 

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