The Nature of the Beast

“In simplistic terms, the Public Vote for their chosen personality or their favourite Party at election time.

Reason of choice is usually based on a specific issue or perceived slight that has an affect upon personal or societal arenas.

Occasionally, apathy of interest is paramount where the reason for voting is based upon the threat of fines rather than any particular reform agenda.

Nothing unusual in that equation.

Afterall, Politicians are the Public Representatives who operate with the Country’s best interest at the fore for the benefit of the Public —

OR Do They ??

Ever wonder why or how a particular issue that is highlighted as a “Hot Topic” in another Country can also be manifested in Australia around the same time ??

Co-incidence you think, afterall, we all have similar needs even though we may live in a different Country on the other side of the Planet.

Justification therefore is reasonable, — OR is it ??

Boredom from information overload leads to intellectual apathy, therefore this writer shall embrace the point of this Op-Ed.

Did you know -;

1 = Political Parties have multiple Factions within their ranks

2 = Factions are Not Restricted to just areas OR States.

3 = Political Parties are members of Global structures.

4 = These structures are based upon Global Agendas.

5 = Do you know about The International Democrat Union (IDU)

6 = Are you aware IDU comprises 71 full and associate members from about 63 different countries

7 = Does IDU set Political Policy for Country Members to maintain Power ?

8 = Does IDU answer to a Higher Power & if so = Who ??

9 = Have you heard of the UNA Foreign Policy Agenda Application

10 = Where does the UNA — FPAA actually lead to ??

Consider the Start point of QUESTION 1 & look at the Last QUESTION of number 10.

Together, they comprise a straight line of Political construct.

Make NO Mistake = EVERY Political Party has a similar construct

QUESTION = Where does any of the listed points relate to either Public OR Country Needs OR Requirements. ??

ANSWER = No Where.

One would be forgiven to be called “Blind” BUT the reality embraces a direction that the average person is NOT aware of.

The REALITY has PROVEN that YOUR VOTE is neither Valid OR wanted in a so called DEMOCRACY that in itself IS also absolutely FALSE.

“NOTE = (Read just the highlighted Capitals of the last sentence)


“OK — A bunch of words that says the Political system is Corrupt

Big Deal — So What — We all know this

READ it ALL again & you will see that the Political System is NOT just Corrupt — It is NON — EXISTENT.

How so ?? You say

Politicians & Political Parties are now just over seers of Countries. This is highlighted by UN rhetoric that says -; “Member States”

Is that the same as Victoria is a “Member State” of Australia ?? mmm !

They have NO Power because they now operate under a multilevel Management structure that is the same as a Top Down Corporation where a Board of limited People determine what YOU will do & HOW You will Live based upon the Benefits & Assets that THE Country (NOT Your Country) can deliver to a Pre Ordained set of Agendas that has been constructed to achieve. for the benefit of the Few.

Just to make sure this construct happens = A secondary layer of Management has been established to facilitate the agendas & objectives of the Country hub.

This can’t happen you say

This is Australia

The People would NOT stand for it

QUESTION = Do the People know about the above Structure ?? = NO

QUESTION = Does average person think Govt is in charge ?? = YES

No matter how you look at this Political arena — the FACT remains that Foreign Entities develop Policy & Mandates that dictate ALL the areas of Your Life & YOU have absolutely NO say in the matter. — In fact = Most of the time You are NOT Told about Nor are you aware of what is happening OR what directions are being taken WITHOUT Your Consent OR Knowledge. — — — That is the REAL REALITY = So YOU had Better WAKEUP

QUESTION = If all the above is True then What is it based on ??

Consider -;

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“A parliamentary inquiry into the Racial Discrimination Act will deliver its recommendation on Tuesday, including options for changing section 18C, which currently bans speech that offends, insults, humiliates or intimidates someone based on race”

It will also suggest changes to section 18D, which provides protections for artistic, academic and journalistic work, Fairfax Media reported.

Liberal backbencher Tim Wilson, a former human rights commissioner, says the prime minister understands the need for change, despite Mr Turnbull previously resisting calls to overhaul the laws.

‘I’d like to see the committee recommend some reform of the law, particularly around establishing a new test that is not focused on subjective standards like whether someone’s offended, insulted or humiliated, and something that’s much more objective,’ he told ABC radio on Tuesday.

He said the concerns of Liberal MPs representing multicultural electorates over any changes had been whipped up by Labor and others.

Labor multicultural affairs spokesman Tony Burke said the opposition would continue to fight any change to the law

See = http://www.echo.net.au/2017/02/racist-speech-law-watered/

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed down from his total opposition to renewed examination of Australia’s race hate laws, conceding possible changes are a legitimate area of discussion for the Coalition.

Previously ruling out any change to controversial provisions in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, Mr Turnbull said on Friday the government would consider a proposal put forward by West Australian Liberal senator Dean Smith for a parliamentary inquiry.

Right-wing Coalition MPs and some high profile Australians are pushing Mr Turnbull to revive Abbott government plans to repeal provisions making it an offence to insult or offend people on the basis of their race.

Mr Turnbull told Melbourne radio station 3AW the government had “no plans to amend section 18C” of the Act, but called for an open discussion.

He said the real debate would be what would replace the existing laws.

“Senator Smith has recommended that the issue should be considered by a parliamentary committee, presumably the human rights committee, that’s a recommendation he’s made and the government is considering it.

“He’s made the argument — and I think it’s a reasonable one — that there should be an open and calm, cool discussion of the issues relating to this.”

Senator Smith, one of a number of conservative Coalition MPs pushing for change, wants a inquiry to broaden debate about the laws, including individual experiences of racial discrimination.

It’s not clear if any possible change to the laws would pass the Senate.

Asked if the existing laws were working effectively, Mr Turnbull said some controversial applications had been brought to the Human Rights Commission, including one against Australian newspaper cartoonist Bill Leak and Queensland university students over access to campus facilities.

“It is a matter that I think needs to have a calm discussion. Let’s be clear — we live in the most successful multicultural society in the world,” Mr Turnbull said.

“What I am saying is this is a very legitimate area of discussion. The question mark has always been over the use of the words ‘insult and offend’.”

He stressed the government would not allow any tolerance for hate speech or language promoting racial hated”:

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“No matter how you look at this set of circumstances = the procedure of National Agendas is NOT based on Country of Origin Issues BUT in FACT is based on those Agendas from Foreign Entities to satisfy the agendas of the few at the expense of the many

QUESTION = Will YOU just sit there & let everything impact upon You + Your Family + the Country as a whole OR will YOU actually stand up & confront the issues that are Hell Bent on taking Australia & Your Future away from you & your family — for the benefit of a Foreign entity — -— just because they say so ??

If you don’t ACT = Then there will be NO change to the needed outcomes that are inplace from Political Direction to all elements of Climate Issues up to & including Smart Cities & the structure of “Implied” Freedom of Speech.



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