reached 14,500 icons, what’s next?

Where to start? It all began about two and a half years ago, when the icons market was still young and sprouting. The idea was to create the biggest flat icon set of “1000 icons”, which, back then, it truly was. The icons market has flourished since and the number soon seemed pretty small. So we set on exploring new ideas and styles until we reached 14,500 icons. Now that’s a number, right?

It’s been a long and beautiful journey so far.

I come from Egypt a country where graphic design is not well developed and isn’t considered an important part in product making. No Kickstarter, Behance, Dribble or any sort of creative network meetups. After 14 years of arduously educating myself and competing in the design world, I got fair recognition as a logo designer. Now I was ready for a new challenge. It was time to go global.

After some startup struggle, we finally set up an online store and released our first product “1000 flat icons”. This is when the journey became a lot more interesting. I got my debut on Dribble and it was accompanied by Smashing magazine publishing a freebie. Vitaly, if you are reading this, thank you and the team at Smashing Magazine! You really helped us get out there.

We couldn’t believe the number of visitors and the great feedback we got. Thousands of people came by and sales started taking off. Oh my, that was the happiest moment of my career. We actually made it!

Right the next day, we started working on the next 1,500 icons, which was released as a free update to thank all the people who trusted us and bought our product. As ideas and icon requests kept pouring in, I began looking for talented young designers from all around the globe to join RoundIcons and work with me on producing new icon sets with different styles.

A few months later, with now six designers at work, we released five unique icon sets, reaching 6,500 icons in total. This is when we decided to combine all our sets and offer them as a bundle for a greatly reduced price.

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Our latest icon set released 10th of May 2016 “1000 Isometric Icons”

That was the point when RoundIcons became the biggest icon bundle available online and we’ve kept the title until today. Our current bundle contains 11 different icon sets totalling 14,500 icons. Our goal has since shifted to reaching 22,000 icons in the bundle.

Our Current Ultimate Icons Bundle 14,500 Icons:

I’m deeply grateful for my team: Natalie, Suzanne, Wayan, Haytham, Sarah, Irina, Stefan, Yegor and Firman. You guys made this project possible and your creative work is now being used by thousands of designers around the world.

I’d also like to thank all the other icon designers out there who maintained a good competition and made us work harder and push further:

Vincent Le Moign,, Justas Galaburda and many more.

Special thanks to the people who spread the word and helped us become what we are now:

Smashing Magazine, Iconfinder, Creative Market along with numerous design bloggers and online markets.

So What’s next for

1.Reaching the 22,000 Icons Goal

We’re still 7,500 icons short of fulfilling our promise to the Ultimate Bundle users and we have great plans for that. Our lead designer and I are currently working on this really beautiful filled line icons set which will be released once it hits 1,500 icons. We’re at 500 right now.

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Our upcoming icon set “1500 Filled line icons”

2. Releasing the first Icon Management Application for Windows users

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Icon manager application for windows

A great amount of designers and software developers use Windows. We got many requests for a solution to handle this massive amount of icons. A handy tool to search for an icon you need, preview it and use in design software such as the Adobe Series and Microsoft products.

Six months ago we started developing a native Windows app that will allow windows users to:

  • Import all icons in groups and sets
  • Use the names of the icons as tags or add tags of your own
  • Organize the icons into projects for easier handover to developers
  • Export .iconstand libraries containing groups or sets
  • Easy fly over search widget

This Windows application will work for all your icons, not only those by The app is currently in the testing phase and will soon be released.

If you are an icon designer with large sets of icons, let us know and we will include you in the list of icon providers using the app. We will send you the tools for packaging your icons easily in preparation for the app launch.

For Mac users we recommend the IconJar app, which is the best icon management app on the apple market.

3. website interface and usability

In this day and age, the importance of finding what you need quickly is immense. We get that. That’s why we are currently working on Roundicons 2.0 — a new interface that will allow you to search for single icons, and a more responsive layout and integration with Iconfinder Api for single icon purchase.

4. Icon challenge Project

The are so many talented designers producing tons of icons every day. The IconChallenge project is a way for designers to collaborate and create free icon sets focusing on present events and important global issues, such as environmental protection, piracy, global warming, human and animal rights, etc. It is also a space for designers to challenge each other in one subject or another.

Examples of sets that can be created (work by and

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Ecology icon set by

We are also planning to start a nonprofit icon project, in which popular designers collaborate to create icon bundles to be sold for a small fee, all proceedings of which would go to supporting important causes. If you are interested in this project, please contact us and we will include you in the early list of designers that will push this idea to success. Thank you for you interest in this wonderful project. Let’s make this happen!

We will need a lot of support from designers, bloggers and design magazines who would like to see this project come to light.

Wow, you have actually followed this long read this far. Thank you for that! Stay tuned for more goodies coming this month.

Ramy Wafaa


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