Edge of Evil

If the facts of this story are correct, the U.S. stance on deposing Assad would would play right into the hands of the jihadists. It’s been reported that the sudden rise of ISIS came out of Syria, but I’ve never read a very good or simple explanation about how that happened, until now.

So then, while Syrian troops were fighting Arab spring type protests in that country “Islamist militants from around the world, including some from al-Qaida, were traveling to Syria to fight the regime.” Seems that these militants wanted to depose Assad and must have seen some benefit in that. And what was the U.S. and British response? It was the same, to oppose and attempt to depose Assad. Just what the jihadists wanted. Is it any wonder then, that the Syrian army wasn’t able to successfully counter the militants and that the militants rose to power at that time?

If the U.S. had not focused on obstructing the Syrian army , I have to wonder if ISIS might have been crushed by combined forces of the U.S and Brittain supporting the Syrian army, insteaad of the other way around. Now I question more than ever why the West has taken such an urgent stance (quite unlike Russia) to depose Assad. Just look what happened after the U.S. targeted raqui leader Sadam Hussein and Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. It pushed the door wide open for what we are dealing with now.

What is unfortunate is how little people see of the other side of the coin, and how one sided our news reporting is, and how people swallow the one sided media reporting hook, line and sinker. Tribal people know the power of story. There is a lot that can be gleaned from this story besides the brutality that forever changed this town and the people in it. I just hope readers can see how the IS started after Islamic extremists infiltrated the masses of Syrian refugees entering territories they wished to conquer: where chaos became the fertile soil for them to grow into what has become one of the most destructive forces in the world today. It happened in Syria, it spread to Iraq and other parts of the Middle East and it can happen here, in the West, if people don’t have a full understanding of how the wolf gets in.