Bosch MRC23EVS Fixed/Plunge Router Kit

The most remarkable new features introduced in this router kit are power switch trigger on the right side handle of both types of bases for easily switching the router in and of while working with it, a LED light under the motor that light up the area to be routed and the ability to set the height of bit from above the router table in fixed base.

It also features a 10 feet power cord that provides you with long range for routing. The cord swivel attached to the base of the cord prevents kinks and twist in the power cord.

The smooth plunge action of plunge base makes the routing delight or the user. Spring loaded locking lever allow the user to easily and quickly lock the depth position of the plunge base.

Even after locking the depth you can still make the little depth changes with the help of microfine depth adjustment feature without having to release the locking lever.

The fixed base comes with a hex connection which allows you to adjust the height with the help of T-handle wrench when the fixed base router is mounted on the router table. This feature is very helpful while working on router table and saves you from spending extra money on the router lift.

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