How to Build a Loft for Your Kids?

A loft bed can be a great solution to maximize the space in small rooms. Moreover the kids love the loft beds, so it can be a nice present for your kid.

It is easy to make and can be completed in couple of days. Has no idea how to make one? Don’t worry I will walk you through the whole process of building a loft.


Planning is the most important thing for building a good loft that will vacate the extra space in the room.

Look at your room and decide which will be the best place for the loft. Other factor that you should consider while planning for loft are the height of the ceiling and if the closet I external of internal.

Obviously, rooms with higher ceilings offer better opportunity for building a loft. Rooms that have lower ceilings are not conducive for building loft as they don’t provide you with enough height space.

An external closet protrudes out of the wall and has some space between its top and the ceiling. It can be of great advantage for making a loft as it can provide a strong support to your loft on one side.

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