It’s more difficult to curtail a slur than to give one. Laying it on thick comes super naturally, especially if said person had hit a nerve. Or made a rude remark. Rude according to my standards. Or he could simply be a jerk. Like I am when I give in to slurring.

What makes me stop (or at least makes me lessen it) these days is to remember how I feel after I flatten a person (in my mind, or with someone else — triple destruction points).

I feel like I’ve swallowed mud. Or rolled in mud. Or, forgive me for this, hurled the first stone. When I slur someone, the hurt comes back triple on me.

It’s a weird thing. It doesn’t feel right anymore. The old me will probably never give it a second thought, but it will paint the day crap and then I would wonder why the world is full of it.

Now when I do it, I know I control it. I know I’m the one making my day better or bull.

And when you consciously are working towards better, then this stands out like a .. uh.. pink monkey in a sea of brown. What. I’ll edit it later.

It’s so much lighter to simply ignore things you don’t like. Especially comments and gossips. Everybody knows not everyone will like you, but everybody seems to work really hard in being liked by the entire world.

Not gonna happen. I’d say the wise hermits (I’ll call them that for lack of a better term, in short supply, still ordering) are on to something awesome. Highlight the good, appreciate the good. Don’t deplete your precious energy on things you don’t care for in the long run anyway.