A small group of Twitter users are attempting to get Donald Trump ban from Twitter for apparently violating their terms and service with some his tweets.

Numerous Twitter users have classified Donald Trump as a bully for his mean-spirited, and aggressive tweets. Tweets that have attacked media personalities, organizations and…

Life won’t always go the way you expect it to go

There will ups and downs.

You will stumble, and fall when you expected to glide right through

It will take hours when you expected it to take minutes

You will get lost even when we are on the…

Behind that overly sized monitor lies an interesting individual filled with spunk, and quite a bit of caffeine.

A “creative” mind, that allow millions of individuals around the world to express their creative concepts beyond their physical capabilities.

There’s more to a designer than constantly drinking caffeine, and over analyzing…

It’s time to get official as a designer, paperwork official. Once you’ve decide to get serious about freelancing, you need to have guidelines. A set of policies that help direct yourself and any possible clients.

Terms of use, designs rights, pricing structure, etc. These guidelines should contain important information a…

Do you know what’s the best feeling in the world? We have all heard about it, but have you experienced it? A feeling with no substitution, or alternative. A feeling that powers the dreams and hopes of billions. A feeling everyone should experience in their life time at least once.

The background

I recently finished working on one of my largest advertisement campaign, and design project ever. “Don’t litter NYC”. Months of work finally coming to an end, and now I have quite a bit to show.

“Don’t litter NYC” is an advertisement campaign for the New York City subway…

There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow’s a fictional place where dreams and responsibilities go to be neglected then later forgotten. A place where your imagination and optimism about the future gets to run wild. Tomorrow, a place where all the great accomplishments in your life will happen, because it doesn’t seem…

Did they tell you it wasn’t worth it yet?

Did they tell you that there was a better way to do it yet?

Did they tell you how long they have been doing it yet?

Did they tell you that you aren’t ready for it yet?

Did they tell you…

Don’t wait for the stars to align so the universe can do you a favor. Don’t wait on all that good karma you have been sowing to come in. Don’t wait for the right moment where everything will just fall in place. Don’t wait until they are ready, or when…

The Introduction

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice young lady. A young lady who unfortunately didn’t believe too much in herself.

A young lady who judged herself too harshly and would frequently compare herself to overly Photoshop images within pages of a magazine. …

Romaine Raffington

Designer. Writer. Human. https://www.rowmaine.com

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