Day One, The Beginning

Day one, one of the most important days in your life. The day you decided to make a change in your life, and the beginning of something very beautiful. Day one, a collection of hours that won’t go down in infamy or even celebrated.

A collection of hours won’t be very impressive or noteworthy but they are ‘oh so’ important. A subtle day that marks the beginning of an astonishing journey, a personal moment that won’t be shared or seen by many.

The day you decided to make a change in your life, the day you decided to take more control of your life. While the world can’t be conquered in a day, there’s always a Day One.

Behind every great accomplishment, is a day one. The day that journey began. How and why you started isn’t important, but the fact that you started is.

Whether you’re training for a marathon, creating a company or starting a new diet, there is a day one. While day one might not be as glamorous or noticeable as day 365, it’s the most important day to any success story.

Day one is a collection of hours that pioneers, and leads the way for changes in your life. A day filled with optimism, passion and maybe even a bit of confusion.

A subtle day that won’t be seen or acknowledged by many, but it’s the day that changed it all. Showing up is half the battle, and day one is you showing up for the first time.

A day that will be forgotten, but will always live on in the changes it made in your life. A day that looks no different from yesterday, but hold a lot potential to change our lives for tomorrow.

A day, I’m very fortunate to have had, and will continue to have. There will be no fireworks or large applauding crowd, just a commitment.

A long journey awaits you after your day one, a long and challenging journey. But that’s okay because you want this, I want this, we want this. The things worth doing life aren’t going to be easy, and if they were everyone is already doing it.

I want to personally welcome you to the start, and I can’t wait to see you at the finish. And when you undertake your day one, I would like to personally congratulate you on something not many people do often, try.

Almost two years ago I had my day one. The day I took a proactive stance of taking control of my careers as a designer. The day I completed building my first website from the ground up, the day I become a consistent designer.

The day I realized things won’t just happen to me, I have to make them happens. The day I stop going with the flow and started swimming upstream, the day I realize I had a long journey ahead of me.

The day I took my life into my own hands and ran with it, and till this day I am still running and I couldn’t be happier.




Designer. Writer. Human.

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Romaine Raffington

Romaine Raffington

Designer. Writer. Human.

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