Lessons learned from a Hard Working Man

I had an opportunity to work with a hardworking man. A man who worked hard whether there were prying eyes or cameras present. A man who worked hard whether the sun was just coming up or about to set.

A gentleman who had to work hard… Alone. A man who constantly stayed late in the office until his task was completed. A man who worked so hard that his coworkers actually had less work to complete.

A man who often faced nothing but obstacles and defiance while attempting to complete his job. A man whose efforts and presence went unappreciated and often challenged.

I use to watch this man work with such passion and enthusiasm for a job he never saw himself actually doing, and I would constantly ask myself Why?

Why work so hard? Especially when you have to do it alone? Why was this man working so hard to the point where he was actually doing other individuals jobs without them actually knowing?

Why would he work so hard, when he wasn’t being paid nearly enough for what he was doing? Why was he working so hard, when no one else wanted to work as hard? I watched this man and wonder why?

Over the course of working directly with this gentleman, I realized the answer to all my questions.

Work ethic. That was the answer to all my questions. This gentleman had an amazing work ethic. A work ethic that was always blasting on four cylinders regardless of the task at hand.

A work ethic that wasn’t bribed or influenced by opinions or a monetary value. A work ethic that motivated, intimidated and inspired all within the same moment. A work ethic that cannot be turned off, and should not be turned off.

I saw something many people rarely get to see, a hardworking man. A man who naturally worked hard, and not just for anyone or anything but for himself.

This gentleman was working hard every single day for himself, waking up every morning and trying to be the best version of himself he could be. Every day was a new opportunity to fully live up to his potential, a challenge he openly accepted.

He endured challenges that did not have to be acknowledged, and had potential that did not needed to be noticed. A good work ethic speaks for itself, so there was no need for an introduction.

I learned the importance of time from this gentleman and how truly valuable it is. Time is a valuable asset in this world. Time is a unit of measurement that cannot be bought or sold, only experienced. Time is so valuable, there are individuals in this world who are willing to pay to occupy your time.

This gentleman was going to ensure that his limited time on this planet was spent trying his very best. This man understood the value of his time. He wasn’t going to spend his finite time on this earth being idling and stagnate.

Every moment of this gentleman’s time was going to be used to become a better person in every aspect of his life.

I wanted to be more like this man. I wanted to work harder, and not just for anyone but for myself. I wanted to be the best possible “me” I could be, day in and day out.

That meant trying my very best every single day, I wanted to challenge myself even more because I knew I could do better. Every day I went into the office, I went straight to assist this gentleman.

I wanted to learn more, and excel further. A good work ethic goes deeper than just constantly working, or being perceived as working hard.

A good work ethic is a lifestyle, that embodies every aspect of an individual’s life. Most importantly, a good work ethic is a choice.

A choice to constantly challenge yourself and to forgo the lazy route. A choice this gentleman willingly made every single day.

I started to work harder than ever before for the same salary, but this time with a new outlook on life. My time on this planet is limited. While I am here, I am going to be the best “me” possible.

Regardless of the task put before me I am going to try my best. There are no tasks too big or small for my best efforts. There are no more half measures or half-heartedly attempts.

I am going to try my best because I deserve the best, the best of myself… from myself. This gentleman knew he was worth a lot more than he was being paid, and he was going to show his true value regardless of his salary.

This gentleman’s work ethic and self-respect wasn’t determined or influenced by a dollar amount, and neither would mine.

I am very fortunate to have met and worked in such close proximity of such an inspiring individual. The world has funny ways of teaching us lessons, sometime someone’s just placed in your life to teach you something.

I am honored to have met and work with such an inspirational individual.

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