Just Do It

Don’t wait for the stars to align so the universe can do you a favor. Don’t wait on all that good karma you have been sowing to come in. Don’t wait for the right moment where everything will just fall in place. Don’t wait until they are ready, or when they think you’re ready. Just Do It.

There’s no reason to wait for an inspirational quote to appear in your Facebook feed, or for that literature piece from that one individual that’s so inspirational in your life.

You’ve done enough waiting; we’ve done enough waiting. Seconds have turned into minutes and minutes into decades. There are things that need to be done. Enough time has already passed, and the universe isn’t going to wait for you.

Stretch. Stand up or sit down. Just do it. Do it every day of every week of every year. Once you felt that you have done it enough times, do it again. Then do it again, and again.

Do it until you truly appreciate, love, and cherish it. Do it until you learn something new, and want to teach others how to do it. Do it until they can’t do it without you, and don’t want to.

Just do it. While doing it don’t seek motivation, seek discipline. Motivation is a flimsy shield that breaks at the first distraction. Motivation is a vivid flame that burns bright and fast, but discipline is a subtle flame that burns until you no longer have a need for it. A subtle flame that doesn’t wait to be inspired, or goes astray. Motivation will get you to start reading a book, but discipline will get you to the back cover.

Just do it, and make a habit of doing it regularly. Don’t wait for that special feeling, motivation or others. Build and light your own flame. And when you do it, you’ll see it wasn’t impossible to do to begin with.