Keep going, Don’t stop now

Life won’t always go the way you expect it to go

There will ups and downs.

You will stumble, and fall when you expected to glide right through

It will take hours when you expected it to take minutes

You will get lost even when we are on the right path

You will become unsure, and confused

You will lose sight of the sunlight and only see the darkness

Doubt will begin to settle in

You hesitate, and second guess our choices

You will become discouraged, and want to give up

Don’t give up

Keep going.

You’ve come too far to quit now

It won’t get any easier if you quit now

It will take long than you expected, but keep going

It’s going to be harder than you expected, but keep going

Talent only get you so far

Just a lot of hard work and perseverance

Don’t stop, keep going

You will struggle and hurt, but that’s not a sign to quit

Keep going, and earn it

Tomorrow you will be grateful you didn’t quit yesterday