Conversation with my Moon (164)

Look at the sky, said the moon.

you’ll see me there,

I’ll take care of you,

no matter how far you’ll believe I am.

You promised a lot of things, my dear one;

but I never saw you when I was crying out my soul.

you’re in a free fall across all the galaxies,

impossible to reach,


If you don’t see me it doesn’t mean I’m not here;

I know you better than you do,

I can describe your every gesture, every word,

those touches of black thoughts,

your velvet lips,

your little fingers writing down a poetry.

I can sing love songs about your soft skin

and make paintings with your naked heart.

You cannot hide, cannot run,

I’m everywhere,

‘cause I am you.

Writing a a poem a day for 1 year. This is lucky number 164. Thanks for reading.

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