The Bad UX in the UX Designer Job Application Process

Agencies and Smaller Companies

Image 1a: Beautifully created and consistently branded screen from a small agency, incorporated into their site.
Image 1b: Thought provoking question on a small agency’s in-house application page.
The attachment is represented by a large, blurry image with extremely small text labelling it
Image 4: Lever form integrated into a medium sized agency’s site. Easy to read and use. No bugs.
Image 4b: Inconsistency in the page between page style and form
Image 5: Embedded pages do not scale well for mobile experiences.

Applying via LinkedIn or Indeed

Applying via Larger Applicant Management Systems

Wait there’s more!

What have I learned?

  • Well… nothing can be done if the site is broken. And I’m usually quite good at “letting the poor design win” and figuring out a work-around, but broken is broken! You can reach out to the company, perhaps. Let me know how that goes, I’m very curious about it.
  • Use to manage your job search. I cannot say enough about this product. The kanban board interface is really helpful as well as the chrome extension that can scrape a site and add job details to your job board. Hey,, are you hiring?
  • You have to take your beautiful PDF resume with its lovely multi-columns and turn it into a very awful, boring dare I say ugly word doc.
  • Many technical application sites require the applicant-user to copy and paste skills into a text field. UX Designers have a lot of skills and tools they use. So I have trained myself to have two tabs open in Chrome, with my word doc resume in one and the applicant site right next to it, copying and pasting one item at a time. It’s a nightmare, but it works.
  • It is much easier to download your files from Google Drive or Dropbox to your device and upload to the application site from there. When you try to add your resume or cover letter through Dropbox or Drive, the interface is a disaster. The files are not sorted correctly and if you need to switch to a different gmail account for your google drive to locate your document, forget it.
  • Keep a doc of all your references handy so you can copy and paste all the details into text boxes on these application sites. Yes, it is another exercise in copying and pasting. And this one in particular requires a mobile phone number as well. I do not have all of my references’ mobile numbers, so I just re-paste their business phone numbers.




UX | UI Designer, Maker, Gardener, Cyclist, Hiker, Parent, Partner.

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Roxanne G

Roxanne G

UX | UI Designer, Maker, Gardener, Cyclist, Hiker, Parent, Partner.

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