So week 7 was full of tears and eliminations, as well as a game changing plan. So usually the way the show works at this point is she picks her final four guys and then goes to their hometown to meet their family and friends. This is where the guys have their chance to plan the date instead of the bachlorette. At the end of this show one guy is eliminated. Then comes the exotic trip where the bachlorette will have one on one dates with each of her remaining bachelors and then the option to use the “fantasy suite” at the end of the date which means they can have a whole night to themselves unbothered by the cameras.

However, because our bachlorette Kaitlyn has taken upon herself to create this off camera time with 2 of her guys, the host Chris Harrison thought it would be best if she went ahead and picked her final 3 to do her fantasy suite dates before hometown visits. This will be interesting. It seems that this seasons’ bachlorette is changing all the rules.