“The Men Tell All” was last week’s episode. It’s funny to see that phrase, as if its a men’s gossip group. In a way that IS how you could describe this episode, guys are all ragging on each other, getting their complaints out and what not. So this episode can be summed up quickly.

Ben H. talked about how he knew he never had a chance when it came between him, Nick, and Shawn.

And then who probably became the biggest douche bag on the bachelorette, Ian… decided to get on his knees and apologize for his behavior to all the guys, and then personally to Kaitlyn. It was nice until he started calling himself humble, because that is the kind of person he really is….

However, the most resonating thing talked about on the show, had nothing really to do with the guy’s drama with Kaitlyn but rather it was when Chris Harrison read Kaitlyn’s hate mail. It is a reality show seen across the country, conitinent, and world. There are going to be haters, but death threats, and disgustingly graphic comments/mail sent to her, is not cool. Trolling and online bullying is NEVER ok, and it needs to END! It is so sad how many deaths have occured due to online bullying. You can share your opinions, but at least be tasteful, don’t be disgusting! These people writing awful things online about others that leads to suicide, just remember, you might as well have murdered them with your own hands. Its not ok.

# thebachelorette #endonlinebullying

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