Dear Wil Wheaton: Make Peace Not War, Progressives Are Not Your Enemy
Trent Lapinski

Er… Trent… everything you described happening to is the OBJECTIVE of social-justice callouts from people like Wil.

They repeatedly and openly state that they want anyone they THINK is against their version of social justice OFF THE INTERNET. Silenced. Many say, and quite often, that they wouldn’t be at all sad if someone just happened to go up and murder such people. And so we have Trump supporters being dragged out of their cars and beaten, “for justice”. Buildings burned down and professors’ microphones white-noised, “for justice”. College lecterns denied to those with dissenting views, “for justice”.

You’ve probably been on the same side as these people without even knowing it, on occasion, when someone you otherwise trust tells you they heard from a friend of theirs that they were savagely attacked on social media “just for being a woman” (when if you were to look at the timeline, their friend was picking fights with people and calling them names to start with).

We are now in the age when trust is demanded but rarely earned, and often abused. Perhaps basic human civility, towards those we’ve never met, should be the starting point.

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