I don’t know about the circles you run in, but everything I’ve seen has the Republicans constantly…
Shauna Gordon

I’m a lifelong independent, and the harsh reality is that Clinton has been both a Senator and a Secretary of State, but can point to very little she’s headed up that she hasn’t FUBARed — whether Benghazi is brought up or not. The entire NATION of Libya is now a “failed state”, but her pitchline was positively Bushian: “we came, we saw, we killed Khadaffi”. Yeah, and Saddam Hussein had a proper trial before hanging from the neck until dead; clearly we don’t judge success or failure in overseas policy by who is or isn’t brought to justice.

The Iran deal is the only thing anyone has ever been able to point me to as a success story she can take at least measurable credit for. Someone actually tried fobbing off a Republican’s child-care bill as hers, merely because she co-signed to it… that’s how thin her level of competency is. Don’t even get started on how even Bill blamed her for torpedoing health-care reform in the ‘90s.

The VERY harsh reality is that NO ONE was qualified in 2016 to be President.

That’s why I decided, early in the primary season, that my vote would be to punish both parties for this crapfest of theirs, this incessant “Bush or Clinton” rhubarb. I would vote Trump or Sanders, whomever made their ticket, IF they made it. And if they both did? I had a coin picked out to flip.

The DNC did its level best to block Sanders, thus blocking any chance I would vote Democrat. Had the Repubs blocked Trump, I would’ve voted for that Meteor.

Reap, sow. Repeat, or learn the lesson.

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