500 Words a Day Challenge — Day 5

It’s 4:15 a.m. and the alarm is trying to shock me into consciousness. I went to bed knowing I’d have to get up at this time to make a decision that effects many people. It’s not a life or death decision, it’s not a million dollar decision, it’s not even a decision that should be difficult to make.

I’ve had to make this decision about a dozen times in the last 4 years and each time I wrestle with the same factors. I balance the safety of our employees and the people we serve with the need to continue on the task and mission we’ve planned months in advance. I have to balance peoples’ reaction of agreement and disagreement with the decision. It really shouldn’t be a hard decision and many times the evidence and forecasts make it easy to make. Other times, like today, the decision to “go” or “n0-go” is much more difficult because of the unpredictability and uncertainty of predictive factors within the system.

What is this decision you ask?


In my current role as an Executive Director of a private school in Omaha Nebraska, I have the responsibility of making this decision periodically. I could abdicate the responsibility and just say to our constituents, “we follow the local public schools, if they are open we’re open, if they are closed we’re closed.” But I don’t. I make it myself based on weather predictions and conversations with our leadership team. We have different factors to consider than public school districts as our families are commuting from all over the city. In either option, I know we can’t please everyone so I have to elevate my reasoning above the popularity of the decision.

How often do we find ourselves in situations like this. More often than we realize I’m sure. If you’re a parent, you know first hand you’re faced with a conundrum like this multiple times a day. “Mom can I have that piece of candy after lunch?” or “Dad can I go to the coffee shop with my friends tonight?” These little decisions aren’t “life changing” decision, yet they can cause stress and potentially conflict in our relationships.

So how do you make these type of decisions? For today, I made mine and it was “no snow day…” Seems to be unpopular due to the unpredictability of a morning snow storm…

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