A coverage of play-by-play coverage event: October 2nd, 2016. 12:00pm PST

Friends, fans, and followers, you might not notice, but every day you awake you’re opening your eyes to a new world. The differences are minute, and can be hard to detect — the store where buy your cigarettes up and closed, a house is built, a mother dies, it starts to rain, a room is painted blue where it was once eggshell white, that shirt you always wore goes into the trash, a sidewalk is repaved, the day has a new label — but add it all up, and it makes for a disorienting whirlwind of perception with only one conclusion: there is no forever. Which is why I get so bloody excited, friends, fans, and followers, when we can collectively dance with permanence. It makes us believe for just a moment that we might be able to experience a perpetual always, even though we know it doesn’t exist.

For 67 seasons of baseball we were able to arrive at the doorstep of dawn with the confidence that, if it was game day, Vin Scully would be seated before a microphone that afternoon or evening, describing moments on the field in context to life around us. On Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, that too will end. But Vin gave forever one hell of a shot, and in that time achieved what no other broadcaster has done or will do as the official voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Join me, Roy Madison as I use that crackpot social media platform Twitter to call Vin’s last broadcast as an announcer for Major League Baseball. A broadcast that will no doubt entail endless anecdotes and stories, highlights from days of yore, and moments of emotion that will require coverage of its own. October 2nd, 2016 needs a broadcaster dedicated entirely to translating Vin’s final moments in the Dodger’s press box at San Francisco’s AT&T Park into tangible dispatches of history! Friends, fans, and followers, I am that broadcaster.

Starting at noon California time, follow along as Vin’s final words fade out over the airwaves on my Twitter account. Listen in on, @roymadison, where I’ll be using the hashtag #LastCallVin to give you, play-by-play action from the broadcast booth of Vin Scully, from my lounger beside the pool of the Highland Gardens Hotel, here in Hollywood California.

To my knowledge friends, fans, and followers, this will be the first time a sportscaster has delivered running commentary of another broadcaster’s play-by-play broadcast, so I hope you’ll join me for this historic event.

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