Crowdfunding Predictions for 2018

10 years ago, crowdfunding emerged after the 2008 financial crisis in response to the difficulties faced by early-stage enterprises attempting to generate marketing traction and funding.

Even a decade later crowdfunding is still largely a developed-world phenomenon but its potential to ignite innovation and create jobs in the developing world has not gone unnoticed. More and more countries are embracing its potential and the substantial reservoirs of untapped entrepreneurial talent are beginning to emerge daily.

The World Bank has estimated that there are up to 344 million households in the developing world able to make small crowdfund investments in community businesses.

I predict that this trend will continue to grow and friends and families continuing to financing business ideas with crowdfundings’ online extension to access capital and global reach of the community “the crowd”.

Now with the recent news of Indiegogo offering ICO options to startups, I look forward to seeing growing startups engage in this offering type to continue to grow their brands loyalty with their crowd.