Blog update 1 - Sgt Matt Davies Training Down Under

Day before I departed.

My Career Background:

After qualifying as a Weapons Controller (WC) in 2014 I was posted to 1 Air Control Centre at RAF Scampton, where I deployed on numerous UK based exercises and Exercise MAGIC CARPET in Oman. I was assigned to No.47 Sentry Conversion Course in August 2015. Graduating in January 2016, I was subsequently posted to No. 8 Squadron as a WC and achieved Combat Ready (which qualified me to deploy across the Globe in support of operations) in October 2017. During my tour on No. 8 Squadron I…

The 2018 RAF Engineering Competition attracted plenty of interest, with 20 RAF and over 30 Youth Teams submitting ideas from across the UK and as far afield as Stavanger in Norway. Following an exhausting but enjoyable judging event in October 2017, 10 RAF and 15 Youth Teams were short-listed to proceed to the finals.

About the Competition

Following on from the resounding success of the inaugural RAF Engineering Competition in 2018, the 2019 competition is now open for registration!

The competition aims to showcase and celebrate the potential, ingenuity and innovative spirit of young people and all those associated with today’s Royal Air Force. We are offering a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable competition that pays tribute to the influence of engineering in our daily lives and helps us to visualise how engineering will continue to shape the RAF’s development into our next century.

The engineering competition reaches out across the breadth of the Royal…

By Dr Kenneth Payne

This article was first published in Air Power Review Vol 17 No 1 in 2014


JRR Tolkien had an intuitive feel for air power. Inspired by a throwaway comment from an RAF student about the reconnaissance role of the Great Eagles in Lord of the Rings (LOTR), I bought Kindle editions of the books to learn more.(1)The keen student of air power theory might at first be disappointed by events in Middle Earth. There are only thirty mentions of eagles in the entire trilogy; only three of the birds are ever named; and just one has…

I take great pleasure in recommending to you my ten reading list choices for this year. At the heart of my recommendations are two books that focus unerringly on the application of air power: John Andreas Olsen’s opus magnum, Airpower Applied, and Karl Mueller’s Precision and Purpose: Airpower in the Libyan Civil War. Both books explore important themes about the successful application (and, in some instances, the unsuccessful misapplication) of air power, making them vital reading for air power specialists and those involved in developing policy, but they also illustrate why broader reading is essential too.

Air power does not…

By Squadron Leader Phil Clare

Biography: Squadron Leader Phil Clare is an RAF Logistics Officer. He is currently serving as a member of the Directing Staff at the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College and holds an MA in the British History of the First World War from the University of Wolverhampton.

Abstract: The 1918 German Spring offensive, Operation MICHAEL, began on 21 March. The British Third and Fifth Armies that stood in the way were, in many cases, overwhelmed by the speed and ferocity of the initial German attack. For the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), artillery cooperation became difficult due to the disruption…

The Royal Air Force Centre for Air and Space Power Studies (RAF CASPS) is a RAF think-tank which focusses on the strategic and conceptual study of air and space power. It seeks to: generate evidence-based academic research; provide strategic influence through coordinated engagement with think-tanks, allies and other professional bodies in the defence and policy space; leverage the intellectual horsepower of external institutions and RAF personnel; and help inculcate a philosophy of learning and critical thinking within the RAF.

Royal Air Force

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