5 Things about Online Reputation Management You Should Know

Reputation is extremely important these days while building a brand, whether online or offline. Talking specifically of online reputation, there is a lot that has to be done in terms of managing your online reputation but it often tends to be forgotten and taken lightly. We usually do not realize that companies actually lose a great deal of business and money because of poor online reputation. The worst part is that these negative comments are posted on high PR ranking websites which makes the probability of appearance very much high when the user searches for your company.

Here are 5 things you should know about your online reputation and keep in mind:

1. It is better to be Proactive: Companies often feel that their reputation changed overnight. But that is not the case unless something concrete has happened. For example, with Malaysian Airlines, yes their reputation was damaged overnight because of the unfortunate event that happened with their flight 370. But, this does not happen every day. And there are companies whose online reputation has been damaged slowly and steadily because of bad customer experiences. But since the company did not pay heed to online reviews and one fine day decided to check on it, they found just negatives there which remained unanswered. Therefore, it is always better to be proactive and keep a check on your online reviews.

2. Executives’ personal reputation affects the company’s online reputation: This is true in some cases like in the case of top management or CEOs. The top management’s reputation gets associated with the company and its brand and does affect its reputation as well. Executives with strong personal reputations often become known as though leaders and industry experts which has major benefits for the company.

3. Positive Google Search Results won’t remain there forever: Positive Search results on Google do not remain there forever. They keep changing based on the search engine’s algorithms and a lot of other factors. Therefore, maintaining them is a continuous process.

4. Own your Own Search Engine Page Results: This is a very important aspect in online reputation management. Since you do not have control on third party platforms, it is very important that the major results that appear while searching your brand or company online, the major search results should be owned by you. This may be in the form of positive blogs, tweets, posts, etc.

5. Thinking outside the Box always helps: Out of the box ideas are always welcome and help in building a brand online. Creative ideas like asking your customers to share a video online of them using your product are great. Videos always rank high on search results and will surely boost your online reputation.