Vibrant Décor And Stylish Tiles

They say home is our place of worship; a place where we invest our emotions, memories and life’s earnings and savings to make our home our very own Taj Mahal. And if you too want to make your place; your home your personalized ‘Taj Mahal’, then Somany Ceramics is the right solution for you.

Established in 1969, Somany Ceramics is the largest range of tiles in India. A pioneer in the sector of ceramics and allied products, Somany Ceramics has established its presence in India, Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, UK and Russia. Over the years, Somany Ceramics has grown by leaps and bounds and is now the major force in the sector of tiles. Somany Ceramics not just decorates your home with élan but also gives its magical touch to it thereby breathing life into its products and ushering in an era of new life, hope and energy.

With its manufacturing plants in Kadi, Gujarat and Kassar Haryana, India and other joint venture plants, Somany Ceramics generates a production capacity of 41 million square metres annually. This in itself speaks volume for the company. Somany Ceramics is the complete décor solution provider. Client’s satisfaction is its utmost priority. People have variety of tastes and Somany Ceramics understands this and thereby each detail and design is customized as per the client’s tastes and requirements. It has designs for every mood and taste.

Products available: Somany Ceramics offer a wide range of products and customers can choose from a number of available options.

Floor Tiles (Ceramic tiles, Durastone, GVT, Duragres, Polished Vitrified, Slip Shield, VC Shield)
Wall Tiles
Sanitary Ware (Toilets, Basins, Urinals, Allied Products, Sinks, Cabinet-Basins)
CP Fittings (Faucets, Exclusive Showers, Allied Products)
Tile Laying Solutions (Ezy Fix, Tile Master, Ezy Grout)

It was Shri H.L Somany’s vision to venture into the market of Indian tiles, become the largest range of tiles in India and give the Indian customers a new ray of hope, a new option to decorate homes beautifully and lead a comfortable and stylish life at an affordable price. Times have changed but what has remained unchanged is this core value of Somany Ceramics to give its every client a taste of beauty. Not just that, it understands the value of online technology and keeping this in view, Somany Ceramics has also delved into online business where people can buy tiles online.

How Somany is different: Over the years Somany Ceramics has captured the hearts of all and managed to enthrall people of all ages with its unique designs and creativity. It has taken home interior designing to a whole new level by creating new trends. It has been 46 years now; though old yet the company is new and vibrant in its trends, designs and creativity.

Why choose Somany Ceramics: The sole reason to choose Somany is that it delivers the best and has the largest range of tiles in India. Interior home designing is a tricky affair. Home is the place where you live; entertain your guests and this being said you will therefore want to work only with the best company in the market. Somany Ceramics is the right answer to it. It is a one stop solution to all your worries. Just pick a design and everything else is taken care of. The best part however, is that you can also buy tiles online from Somany Ceramics in India. No matter where you are now- within the city, in a rural area or at your home just pick a design and order it online and the product is delivered at your doorstep.

With Somany Ceramics make your dream home come true; style it with Somany Ceramics designs’ and boast of a stylish and luxurious house.