No, because in this case, he is available in the constructor stage.
Netanel Basal

I already know that `VCR` as an object is available through the CTOr. But I meant about how come the (!!)appended view(!!) is available at that stage. Well After investigating a bit , I got to an answer. @viewChild will(!) have a value for STATIC(!) html ( an already exists html in self) already in the ngOnInit hook— like in here , but if you had in that div `<my-banana> and you’d tried to do @viewchild(BananaCom) bc , on ngInit , you’d get an exception. — you’d have to use ngafterviewinit .

Also , regarding your comment : ”When you get the ViewContinaerRef through the ViewChild decorator, you have to use ngAfterViewInit “ ,

Well , for static(!!!) HTML, like i’ve said in prev comment — it’s not true. You can get the VCR through the decorator in ngonInit —

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