Your approach to open innovation either brings variety or sameness to your organization.

At CREATORS, we often start our projects with a challenge-creation phase. Our partners do not always think this is a necessary step. “We know what our challenges are” — we’ve heard many times. When we request this information, we often end up getting a general “Market Research” strategy that describes…

CREATORS team at work (2019)

There is one particular question that we get asked about EVERY SINGLE TIME during meetings with potential partners or even some long-term colleagues: “Why are you a non-for-profit organization?” Specifically, we hear that “we could easily be a private company and make more profit” and that there are many companies…

Why do you need internal innovation if you can buy or partner with external (startup) technologies?

Internal innovation in corporations used to be the queen of growth (especially in the form of R&D), but it increasingly seems like the companies that embrace the partnership mentality by investing in, partnering with and even buying external technologies seem to be less inclined to develop internal innovation and simply…

Ecosystem building in North Macedonia. Tech4Muni MK program for the United Nations Development Program by CREATORS

I recently shared a post about the Innovation Ecosystem Maturity (check it out HERE) that discussed ways to build and improve innovation hubs around the world as well as the factors that influence the ecosystems’ maturity.

Oftentimes, such hubs’ innovative capacity can be fostered by a bottom-up, fairly inexpensive effort…

Monika Rozalska-Lilo

Innovation, ventures & partnerships.

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