Disrupt. Discord. Dismantle.

I am a disruption

an eruption of trope-laden anger

aggressive, antagonistic and arrogant

and I can’t imagine why…

When my insistence on resistance is regarded as a ruse I can’t help but track the patterns of paternalism in pushing my plights aside

If the pattern wasn’t prescriptive and precise, I wouldn’t feel the need to interrupt with a rogue thread and rustle the fabric that has been so imperialistically cut

I am a disruption

I am not beholden to the military battlefield, but I demand the right to fight, to fend off antiquated norms and nonsensical blockades, to reject the legislative slaughter orchestrated by the “right”

There is no patriotism in drawing arms to defend a country founded in forgetfulness, or intentional disregard, for its most marginalized

There is no national identity to be upheld when there are identities barred from simply being — under the guise of burdens and budget

I am a disruption

Because the lead papal figure believes trans+ people are akin to nuclear weapons, dangerous, erratic, unstable

Because Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson rides on a false foundation of biology to dismiss the reality of trans+ people

Because we still aren’t tracking trans+ people in admissions processes, human resources reporting, census data, at all

Because we need to eradicate the notion that trans+ people need protecting and actualize the notion that trans+ people need space, room, the right of way

I am a disruption because

I know that kindliness, patience and being polite are tone policing tactics

I know that my anger is interpreted as unprofessional, unfounded and foolish

I know that my time is perpetually co-opted by those who promise to do better, be better, know better, by those who create campaigns and task forces with long-term timelines that don’t garner immediate results, by those who want to cycle us through the same routine just to give the illusion of action

I am a disruption because

We have gotten nowhere being tepid, quiet, civil, our transcestors did not take scraps even when they were starving, we are meant to feast

We deserve to be regarded in the public eye without being called an inconvenience, confusing, counter-culture

We cannot prioritize cis comfort over trans+ lives. We cannot center cis feelings over trans+ pain. We cannot permit cis fragility when trans+ folks are being attacked.

After consultation with [myself and my trans fam], please be advised that [trans+ individuals] will not accept or allow [political tyrants] to [use us as pawns, distractions, talking points or social dissent in the U.S. societal rhetoric]. Our [society] must be focused on [dismantling cissexism] and overwhelming [liberation] and cannot be burdened with the tremendous [taxation] and [dehumanization that allowing this violence to continue] would entail.