Hillary Clinton and the Evolution of a Catchphrase

At this year’s Democratic National Convention, we heard Hillary Clinton say — “If fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then DEAL. ME. IN.

Let’s examine how this quote evolved through the years:

• Local Pharmacy, Fayetteville, AR, October 11, 1976 — “If celebrating my first anniversary with Bill means playing the Hallmark card, then SIGN. MY. NAME.”

• Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families Summit, June 17, 1979 — “If meeting at this conference means playing the business card, then NETWORK. WITH. ME.”

• First National Bank, July 15, 1981 — “If the only way to get a low, low APR as well as solid power rewards points is by playing the credit card, then HERE’S. MY. FINANCIAL INFO.”

• Sitting Room, Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, June 18, 1990 — “If this cliffhanger ending to Star Trek: TNG’s third season, ‘The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1,’ means Patrick Stewart is no longer playing the Captain Picard, then RESISTANCE. IS. FUTILE.”

• P.S. 102, February 1, 2002 — “If relating to this group of pre-teens means playing the Pokemon card, then GIVE. ME. GEODUDE.”

• Halloween Party at Capitol Building, October 31, 2004 — “If Barbara-Boxer-going-to-this-party-as-Lucille-Ball means no one is playing the Ricky Ricard, then LUCY. I’M. HOME.”

• Campaign Bus, May 4, 2016 — “If experiencing a dark vision of a fully-militarized future means either voting for Trump or playing the audio-book-of-Ender’s-Game-by-Orson-Scott Card, then LET’S. HAVE. A LISTEN.”