This looks like something you would really love: How a message at 2am changed me life forever PART TWO

That should have been enough for me to recognize that I wasn’t going to be happy doing my job. But alas, a big paycheque when you are fresh out of college and the prestige of being able to say that I had a big boy job led my ego into thinking it was going to be okay. Plus, I was still young and naive enough to think I could change things from the inside. Right?

I was eventually moved from the location I was working at because someone quit. I was now having to live on the road, and I got travel expenses, and I was allowed to eat at restaurants on the company dime, this is what the good life is made of. I went from Whitby to Peterborough (places that only really mean anything to people in Ontario, Canada) and started there. I was taking over from someone who refused to do things the way the new regime wanted it. I arrived and with my bravado immediately alienated the other workers in the building because I was told I was allowed to make whatever changes I deemed necessary to fix the building. I was an ASSHOLE. I disrespected people’s ideas, and was being fed from above me that the people who disagreed with me were going to be fired soon anyways. I was unwittingly sent in with an inflated ego, to cause trouble so I could help justify people getting fired. FUCK ME MAN.

There was only one other employee who I got along with and we worked hard to get the business done. In my time at the location I grew the business by 10% in a quarter and I started to get noticed. The Director (top guy, the organization was hard to follow) came and took notice of me. He is an amazing guy, who has people’s best interests in mind, and he was being told misinformation from the RVP to ensure their survival. I got a promotion, many others got fired because of things I did. I didn’t like it but I was being groomed and I was told it was because they were lazy that they got fired. In fact they never stood a chance because they weren’t brought in by the leadership I was under.

I was given 5 locations to lead. Inside of one year I had risen in the ranks… but I had also become a huge dick. My family noticed it, but I told them to shut up. My friends noticed it but I told them to shut up. I lost relationships, but I gained money, so I was awesome right. Nope. I also gained 30lbs in my first year. My locations were doing great, but everyone secretly hated me. I would lead calls and people would begrudgingly report to me. A lot of them did have an issue with the fact that I was younger than them, but they mostly hated that I was a condescending little asshole who was backed up by someone who had no qualms about firing people. I started to use things in my life. I dated girls, but I didn’t let them have any emotion from me. I lied to my friends, I helped people cheat on their spouses, I cheated on my girlfriends with the help of others, because what happens on the road stays on the road. I was a full fledged corporate dick. I got another promotion.

We’re at the good part.

I was up late, working on a bullshit report (you know the kind that bosses make you do so they can look like they did something, and take credit for your work) when I got a message from Magda. She didn’t know I had become a piece of shit because she was living in Spain or Poland, or one of the many countries she lived in during that time. She sent me a URL ( and said I know you haven’t taken a vacation since you started at work and THIS LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING YOU WOULD REALLY LOVE. I went to the website and it was vibrant images of young people thriving and living and traveling in exotic locations. Magda although not seeing me for such a long time knew to reach out and give me something from the time we were together before that made my heart want more. She knew from many conversations that I had never been out of North America and that I longed to travel but never did. I looked that the website. It was a good website. It made sense, it was concise, and the writing left me feeling something I hadn’t felt in a long time, happiness.

I didn’t waste any time. It was 2am and freezing cold outside. I didn’t even put clothes on, just shoes. I walked out to my car and grabbed my wallet (I live in Canada and shit is pretty safe in the burbs) I typed in my CC# and found a flight. I was doing it, I was going to travel.

continued tomorrow…

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