What are you doing at the gym?

Okay humans, while you are at the gym you aren’t able to be hustling fully on your game in the digital world. Does that mean skip the gym? NO. For the love of god, go to the gym as often as you can.

What are the benefits of going to the gym?

  • You get out of the house. Seriously people, human interaction needs to happen out of the digital space. Human interaction based on likes is awesome for your business, but if you develop diabetes from drinking soda, eating fatty and salty foods it makes no difference in your quality of life.
  • You get to sweat. Sweating is so important for you. I am not talking about the sweat that come from sitting on the leather chair in your basement for 12 hours. Sweating results from stress. Not the kind of stress that comes missing your Instagram post or when your social media gets hacked. This happened to me in February 2016 and I had a 5 minute meltdown, then I bucked up and got myself back together fast, there is no time to cry. The stress that I am talking about is the kind that opens your blood vessels and pores. It is the kind of stress that your cardiac muscles need. The heart will work for your whole life, but when it stops. You’re dead. Go out and stress it the right way.
  • DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AT THE GYM- you are there to workout. Not talk to people endlessly and brag about what you’re doing. Don’t sit on machines while others are waiting.
  • DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AT THE GYM- Just because you are away from your work doesn’t mean you can be maximizing your time. While I am lifting I am listening to Les Brown, Daniel DiPiazza, Gary Vanyerchuk and the like. If you want to lift more listen to these titans of industry walk you through what you need to hear. If you want to push further listen to Daniel talk about insisting your will on life. Les Brown asking you what you have inside of you when you start something or Gary Vee telling you that he will outwork you everytime. Then outwork him, because I bet you that is what he actually wants, he wouldn’t be sharing his message if he didn’t want you to work harder.

Moral of the story. Go to the gym, it will make your work harder when you are at home. You will stay up later, and be able to recover faster, to work more, to get more, and be more. Don’t waste effort away from your hustle. Use your time wisely, if you are at the gym, workout while you are there, and instead of just listening to music, listen to something that will give you a gain so you can actually grow in more ways than one.


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