You’re gonna have awful days, and you’re going to have awesome days.

Very short post today. I got sick for the first time this year. I pride myself on staying away from kids, they are little bacteria machines. I was in a situation where I couldn’t avoid the little mongrels and they got me sick (Anyone who knows me knows I love kids, and how much fun they are, as long as I can give them back after I fill them full of sugar).

I thought to myself not today. I have a big meeting and I have also just been slung into a group with work that is designed to help me grow my business. I don’t need streptococcus aureus right now. Thanks. I still did my everyday activities, made sure I took my greens, and rested a little bit more than I do usually. I need to be healthy to perform.

At 2pm I went to my meeting. Having rested the entire day I was a little bit groggy but Steve and I pumped each other up for the meeting. We walked in and everyone at the meeting already knew we were coming and were quite excited. See for the past few days we have been doing test work for them and our results are smashing their current provider so they are very excited about what we bring to the table. Our meeting was short, with a very nice lady who was amazing. I think she was kind of unsure about us, being that we do business more in the Millenial way, adhoc and without business cards, etc. We did show her our Instagram, which is basically the modern day business card. She asked a lot about what makes us different and how we would bring value. This is where I shine, I used my skills from my previous experience with the retirement homes to talk about run to failure, turn time, dollar cost averaging, and building value. Steve talked about budget lines and operational issues as this is his expertise, we are a real duo and I am proud to be his business partner. She was impressed. The meeting was very short. She asked for three things: TAX ID, WCB Insurance, and Liability Certificates. I had none of them but I assured her I would have them by week’s end. She then increased the scope of work by double which more than doubles the amount we are going to make on the contract (It will be a full time salary now). We left the meeting with a handshake agreement, and they already have three jobs line up for us. I felt like shit after the meeting cause I am so sick, but nothing could take the smile off my face!!!

I came home to messages about my other business from three of my friends. Asking about how my weight loss adventure is going. They were very interested in seeing what I was doing to be able to lose 15lbs in one month. I spoke with all three of them and they each found a product that they would like to try and are going to help me by trying them out and letting me know what they think. I love the support and help of the people in my life. It has been a wonderful day, I am sick AF, and it was the best I have had all month (yeah it is early, and I expect big days ahead).

Thanks for reading, I know this was different but I wanted to hold up my commitment to you my readers to give you something everyday.

Enjoy your day,


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