3 Hidden Features Of Your Restaurant POS Software

This article originally appeared on Restaurant Insider by Brad Bortone

We have dedicated a LOT of digital ink to tell you about the highlights of POS systems for restaurants. And based on your responses, it seems you enjoy hearing about these premier, industry-leading features.

There are a ton of lesser-known — but still fantastic — features in your restaurant POS that you may not know about, or know how to use to improve your restaurant’s efficiency.

These might not be the “system sellers” that grab those top POS system reviews, but once restaurateurs implement them, they don’t know how they ever lived without them.

1- Voids and order changes

This is a simple report functionality that can highlight possible gaps and inefficiencies in your staff’s understanding of the restaurant POS software. If you see a trend of voids and canceled items during a shift, you can gauge whether or not your staff has been adequately trained in using the restaurant POS. Because, as we all know, mistakes can lead to more mistakes, which can start costing your business money … fast.

And not to make this a negative post, but an excessive amount of voids on cash transactions could indicate there’s some unscrupulous behavior on the part of your managers. On that note…

2- Ticket transfers

Cash is king, and less-honorable staff members are usually first to notice when customers plan on using the green stuff to pay their bills. By checking for check transfers…

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