3 Ways Your Restaurant POS Helps You Manage Your Menu

This article originally appeared on Restaurant Insider by Brad Bortone

Turning restaurant menu ideas into reality takes a lot more than picking a few apps, some proteins, and a wine pairing. Managers and owners need to be able to quickly determine inventory, what dishes are selling, which ones never move, and what seasonal items and specials will resonate with customers.

And that’s on top of everything else a manager does. In the past, garnering these insights took hours, laboriously comparing receipts and feedback cards. Now, this information is organized, sorted and available at the click of a button.

And your restaurant POS has menu management features beyond the data.

Fast, efficient restaurant menu revisions.

Do you have a Friday fish special each week? Do pasta dishes only seem to move on Sundays? Is there more of a bar crowd in your restaurant on Friday nights? With your restaurant POS software, you’ll only need to enter these things once, and your entire process — from purchasing and inventory to prep and table layout — will be optimized to handle these regular shifts in focus.

But it’s not always about long-term planning. Sometimes, you need to remove an item on the fly. Perhaps a delivery didn’t make it in time for prep. Or maybe a nice selection of prime rib crossed your path that morning. Normally, this would require a ton of last-minute scrambling, but your restaurant POS system can add and remove items in a matter of clicks…

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