Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About A Restaurant POS (But Were Afraid to Ask)

This article originally appeared on Restaurant Insider by Theresa Navarra

With hundreds of restaurant technology trends available and trends changing faster than you can turn a two-top, I don’t blame you for keeping it old fashioned when it comes to your methods of choosing a restaurant POS.

Restaurateurs are not naturally inclined to spend a lot of time researching technologies. Decor, kitchen equipment, hiring, and even location are consuming concerns; it’s hard to place attention on the potential restaurant POS system when your time is already spread so thin.

But the bottom line is this: your point of sale system is the central nervous system of your restaurant. So what gives? What’s stopping you from giving the same tender loving care into your selection process as you go into choosing the right stove?

It’s not neglect. It’s probably more likely a result of restaurateurs spending their time focused on delivering remarkable hospitality, instead of learning the ins and outs of technology.

The result is that restaurant owners and operators may end up with a restaurant POS that often is not a match for their needs. More often than not, the POS ends up feeling a bit more like a utility, like the gas or electric, and less like the value-adding, can’t-live-without it restaurant analyticsdelivering tool it should be.

“We created this guide to help restaurateurs understand their options and identify how new technologies can deliver deep insights and actually contribute to great hospitality.”

That ends now.

Restaurateurs already know what they need from their restaurant POS. What they want is guidance on how to get it that is as custom-built as their menu. And they want a cut and dry way to understand how their needs match up to the available options in a saturated…

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