Open Or Closed On Labor Day? Restaurant Owners Chime In

This article originally appeared on Restaurant Insider by Megan Nixon

For pasty-faced office workers, Labor Day means an officially sanctioned reprieve from the daily grind, but not so much for restaurant workers. Should restaurant owners and staff also have the day off? Does closing on Labor Day always mean that you have to sacrifice the bottom line for your staff goodwill?

Read on to see what is driving four restaurant owners from Washington, D.C., Arizona, New York, and Florida to stay open for Labor Day or close their doors.

Open on Labor Day

In Washington, D.C., you can expect to find sister Italian restaurants Al Tiramisu and Aperto open on Labor Day. Chef Luigi Diotaiuti closely associates Labor Day to the Italian holiday Ferragosto, which is celebrated on Aug. 15. He says they are both days to spend enjoying the fruits of our labor — and what better way than with fantastic food? He isn’t alone in believing that…

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