Pros and Cons of Making Your Restaurant Kid-Friendly

This article originally appeared on Restaurant Insider by Cinnamon Janzer

Should restaurants be family friendly or ban little ones in their establishment? Deciding which camp you want your restaurant to fall into is a pretty important business decision since the National Restaurant Association points out, almost six out of 10 consumers consider a restaurants family or kid-friendliness level when deciding where to eat.

Of course, there are pros and cons to each side. Here’s a look at some of the main ones.

The Pros: More Families, More Business

The main argument in favor of allowing little ones into your establishment is pretty straightforward: business. According to the 2010 census, there are just over 74 million kids in the US, that’s a lot of guests you’re missing out on if you don’t allow them. Also, not allowing kids means not allowing their parents or caregivers either.

Further, kids can be a great source of restaurant customer loyalty. If they love your place, there’s a really good chance they can convince mom and dad (or mom and mom or just dad or whoever) to take them back… over and over and over again. Imagine a parent enticing their child to get good grades by rewarding them with a trip to your restaurant every time a report card comes. Not a bad set up.

In equal measure, pleased parents are also highly likely to become regulars. As Lorri Mealey wrote in The Balance, restaurants “can make the whole dining out process a lot easier for parents. Not only will they appreciate the help, they will be more likely to come back even after the kids stop having public meltdowns.”

The Cons: Kids Require Extra Effort

One of the main downsides of going kid-friendly is that you have to cater to tiny humans who have different dining tastes than their adult counterparts. You’ll have to…

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