With huge pink coconut-like heads—thick and cylindrically shaped—that fade out gradually from the top of thier heads down, their head was 90% of their body ratio. To the best of my memory, I think they had legs but they were nothing more than some super petit...I don’t know whether I should call legs. They weren’t too thick and we’re not too thin; their legs were the perfect size.

So these creatures are sluggish beings huh... W.R.O.N.G! In fact, that could not be further from the truth. For some obscured reason I can’t even fathom, I was in the midst of cassava plants sitting down though not with profound equilibrium. I didn’t know why I was in this state in a medium-size cassava bush. I had a smartphone with me and I was googling words... I had typed out "Coco" when it recommended "Coco-Out". With my hyper curiosity, I tapped on that recommendation gently, in anticipation of what I would see bcos what the hell is "Coco-Out"! Now it was twilight, the warm gentle rays of the sun that brings warmth was tapering off. It wasn’t windy. It was just an alright weather.

At the tap of "Coco-Out", sprung out the "Coco-Out’s" in their grandiose pink heads from behind an uncompleted building that these cassava plants where I was were gathering in front, in cortege fashion of about perhaps maybe six. They weren’t in calm disposition; they were sprinting as though pursuing something. As the cheetah accelerates faster than most cars–though I might be exaggerating a little–such was the speed of these creatures. With the speed of the wind, they had sprint past me without noticing I was there partly because the cassava plants overshadowed me but mainly because I wasn’t their object of pursuit. Like wind, they had passed me. That was the first time. Shortly they come pass again... "What are you guys doing...", "What are they looking for..." I thought. So they passed me the 2nd time while ruminating about the grotesque ambitions of these running creatures. They come pass me again and this time, with burning curiosity like hell’s fire, I spring out and follow suit. I don’t know exactly what I did to these Sprinting-Cortege-Huge-Heads but I think I had offended one of their members by kicking and touching him accidentally. Accidentally I say.

With burning rage and their glowing-hot pink heads almost red but still maintaining the pink color, like the rage of an offended bull, all six or so of the Huge-Pink-Heads fixated their eyes on me. Nope! They had no eyes. No mouth. No nose. No ears. No hands! Startled and puzzled as I stood there frozen and in fright wondering "wait...so what now?", (like Kevin Hart’s movie), the Pink Heads turned to face me and gradually drew nearer like some agigated zombies ready to devour their victim.

"So what now..." I thought as I cringed and took a pace back, one after the the other. It was time to run! Like flash, I sprint. Trying to survive and escape these grotesque creatures with every, single, breath in me. Oh and to my amazement they chased me! Even though I was literally moving super-fast, they ran with speed of the wind. Gosh! what have I encountered! I ran out of the cassava bush and out of the wall boundaries of the half-done house, into the untard dust street and sprint. Every turn, I diverted, every angle I took, they followed me. "Is my life ending today?", I thought. Haaa! With that ambitious sprint I had witnessed the Coco-Outs twice while amongst the cassava plants, that was the same ambitious sprint they pursued me with but this time, in a heightened form. I managed to lost about five of them(probably bcos they chased other people. I don’t know) but this one that was left wouldn’t leave me alone! It was, I believe the shortest among the six. Maybe their little naggy and bothering and extremely annoying and mischievous brother who takes sh*t to a whole new level. I dashed through the woods, and plants and trees trying to conceal myself from this little guy and even though I’ll get him lost a second or two, it would notice me again and come right after me! With a devilish 😈 laugh—and where was it’s mouth?—freaking indeed, little Pink Head let out these words as it pursued me... "I have some super sensing abilities and you touched one of our brothers so you have his scent on you. Ha-ha-ha". WHAT. THE. HELL...

My dream.

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