21 Million Bitcoins to Rule all Sidechains: The Perpetual One-way Peg

I agree with the video: “You should try to figure out every possible way that you can’t make money unfairly”.
As Sam once said: “There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth burning your bitcoins for.
No, that man with the cool sunglasses is not Bitcoin Core developer Sjors Provoost (I think)

Ironically, the P1WP actually realizes a famously misleading marketing claim Ethereum made at launch: it’s just “gas” and not competing with Bitcoin as a store of value.⁵

Is he looking determined or about to cry from having sand in his mouth? I can never tell.
The Ethereum foundation had the right idea, despite their “speculatory oopsie-daisy” in terms of execution.




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Ruben Somsen

Ruben Somsen

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