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Oct 9, 2018 · 3 min read
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Startup Spinner is a 3-day makeathon dedicated to startup founders looking to take ideas and concepts to the next level. Developed by Rubik Hub and TBNR Accelerator, it will be a 72-hour intensive program for entrepreneurs seeking validation for a business model they’ve been working on in the past 2–12 months. If you have a business idea with a problem and a pre-validated solution identified, or an active MVP you’re currently working on, Startup Spinner is the place to be!

Why? Because it will be the biggest, most in-depth program dedicated to early-stage startups in the Northeast Region of Romania. We’re looking to bring founders out of their comfort zones and into the successful entrepreneurship world. Contrary to popular belief, building a startup from the ground up is easier said than done. Why do it alone when you have several dedicated programs to choose from: Rubik Edu, Square 1 Bootcamp and Startup Spinner Makeathon.

You’ll have 72 hours to experience the excitement of brainstorming concepts, validating ideas and receiving mentorship; the thrill of knowing you’re on the right path and the pressure of hearing the harsh truth — that sometimes it’s best to let go to some of the crazy ideas and just focus on the core of your startup.

Curious to know more?!

How do I apply?!

Startup Spinner is an intensive program addressed to entrepreneurs who have been actively working on their startup in the past 2 to 12 months.We’ve described the steps below:

  1. Ready

Enter, download the application pack and that should get you one step closer to getting accepted into the makeathon. Make sure to read the “Startup Selection Criteria” very carefully. It will help you understand whether or not you have viable chances to qualify.

2. Set

After completing the application pack successfully, send it at and we’ll get back to you with an answer. Pro tip: we love videos, so make sure your 3-minute elevator pitch is top notch.

3. Go!

Stay tuned! Rubik Hub and TBNR will team up to carefully analyze all applications. On November 9 we’ll announce the most amazing 15 startups that wowed us. You will then receive an email with the proper instructions for buying the participation ticket.

I don’t have a startup, can I still attend?

We’ve created Startup Spinner to educate, connect and help everyone take that leap of faith and believe they can achieve more. Therefore, if you’re a wanna-be entrepreneur but you’re ready to pitch your idea just yet, you can join us as a guest.

Why attend Startup Spinner?

Because you’ve been working hard on building the most amazing product, yet for some reason you’re not ready to hit the ground running. Maybe you need to shape up your MVP, a stronger team, or a whole new business model. By joining Startup Spinner, we’ll get all those questions answered for you.

  • Over 15 skilled mentors will be there to help you with hands-on advice, guidance, and insights to get your startup from zero to hero.
  • At Startup Spinner investment opportunities are right at the door. If your business model brings real value into the world, it will get direct contact with potential investors that might help deliver what you need to climb up the success ladder in entrepreneurship.
  • You have the opportunity to stand above the crowd, and be selected to join one of TBNR’s acceleration programs. This means you’ll work directly with mentors and investors with access to valuable resources for you and your team.
  • You’ll be joining us at Rubik Hub, in Piatra Neamt, for 3 whole days, in a setting that will boost your mojo! We are a vibrant community, we have swings and hammocks and we are located in the middle of nature! That’s more than what you need to switch on to the action mindset!

Are you ready to face the challenge of a lifetime? Together we’ll make the 1st edition of Startup Spinner a memorable experience!

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