History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Perception is 99.9999% of reality.

There are several modern factors that may make the outcome of similar circumstances quite different from similar sets of circumstances throughout history. Technology and communication for one, while it might have amplified the reach of those like Trump, Putin or the Communist Party in China in both sending out distortion and bringing in information from surveillance and espionage it has also empowered a unique level of connectivity that makes it much more impractical for humanity to implode.

The fact is our time right now is one of the most peaceful times in history despite what perception might be from the news media and we are more connected than ever. Even without a EU Europe is more linked economically than ever before, the EU just smooths out the red tape but if it wasn’t there French people would still want German cars etc etc. technology has connected people across the globe, broken down barriers, and overall made humanity more humane.

War , well- it just isn’t an economically sensible approach anymore. While death as a byproduct of war is always especially tragic, our century so far has had the smallest percentage of people touched by War’s cruel hand when compared to any any time period in humanity’s short history.

For humans, unfortunately, statistics matter far less than perception. Imagine you have sanded a board to glass smooth perfection… except for 2 nasty splinters… and your boss runs his hand over the board and painfully catches those 2 splinters- while 99.9999% of the board was smooth what is remembered is those two tiny but painful splinters.

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