Reading Lolita in Tehran- Blog #3

As the beginning of this reading section began with a very interesting topic on if they went public how would the public react, would they be happy? But they know that at that time they couldn´t do that. The tone of the way the teacher sounded when she was about to go to sleep sounds peaceful. Why? Well she describes it as going from just constantly just thinking about a disaster to just thinking and trying to figure out the answer to Mitra´s comment. ¨ It was one of those rare nights when I was kept awake not by my nightmares and anxieties but by something exciting and exhilarating.¨pg.44 I feel like this makes the reader value the idea that they don´t have to go to sleep with the idea being in a disaster or being afraid to close their eyes.

Their choice of books also causes a strange reaction. Azi gives a very sort summary on what the books are about, and make the girls relate their lives are affected by just some stairs. They feel as their freedom is being taken away from them, like every step they take going up is a step to their horrible reality of being in world where they are ashamed of who they are as women. ¨ Mitra began to tell us how she felt as she climbed up the stairs every Thursday morning. She said that step by step she could feel herself gradually leaving reality behind her, leaving the dark, dank cell she lived in to surface for a few hours into open air and sunshine.¨ But as they get to know each other more and more. They begin to share their confidences and secrets like bestfriends. Also, sharing their feelings of how simple things we view in our world in America, is their whole freedom and confidence for them as Iranian girls.